Fred Loves Clueless Employees

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    I was talking with 2 couriers yesterday, one of whom was a 12 year employee and the other, a 3 year employee. The subject of medical benefits came up, and to my amazement, both of these people were positive that they would have medical coverage from FedEx when they retired.

    When I told them they wouldn't, neither believed me. As we talked, I asked them about their future retirement plans. Again, both believed that they would be able to retire in style with FedEx. After I explained the PPP to them, they were dumbfounded.

    It's really sad that so many employees are bamboozled by FedEx into thinking that the company actually gives a rat's ass about them. It's not Fred's fault that people choose to be ignorant, but it is his fault that the company perpetuates the myth of PSP and leads employees to believe that they have "excellent" compensation and benefits.

    As I've watched FedEx4Life and others make grossly uninformed posts on this site I've been learning that these folks are not isolated cases. Instead, they actually seem to be very numerous.

    Lately, FedEx4Life has made a few comments that lead me to think they actually might be a FedEx employee, albeit a very misinformed one. One doesn't have to try very hard to become informed, so I guess it's just too easy to go to work every day and accept the brainwashing that's hammered into you each and every day.

    These folks are Fred's useful idiots, and every one of them who don't care enough about their own well-being to get a reality check help to advance Smith's cause. It's no wonder that getting unionized has been so difficult. Even if the RLA exemption goes away, my fear is that there are so many of the clueless out there that Fred's BS will still fall on sympathetic ears.


    You forgot the mind-numbing repetition...I am at the point that if I got fired now, with the exception of looking for a job and knowing that Fred would fight paying me my unemployment benefits TOOTH AND NAIL, I wouldn't care. Stuck doing handler work and being in limbo is no way to spend your day.

    It's so wonderful being caught in the middle of the vacuousness that is my station.
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    A lot of people choose to be stupid. That's why Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have such huge audiences. Fred plays to the same demographic.