Free Money Friday at our center today

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 728ups, Aug 9, 2013.

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    The Excessive Overtime checks arrived in our center this morning and it was like Christmas! All of the drivers who live in the Center Delivery Area got their checks from the drivers who deliver to them and today was declared Free Money Friday. We had great fun showing the checks to the Scared Rabbits who won't file.

    I had 8 grievances settled and even after being taxed at 33% I still scored $1100, by far the EASIEST money I have ever made at UPS!
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    I got my check too, although it wasn't as good as yours. Our Business Agent was in the building and one of our Stewards handed them out. I noticed the DM and District Operations Manager have been hanging around the building a lot lately. Our Center Manager and Supervisors did not say a single word about any of this. Some of our guys got some pretty decent checks since they delayed paying penalties for a few months. I did show mine to a few guys who are too scared to stand up for themselves......
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    The guy who 'won' the biggest check grossed $3,500 as He was been working 14 hour days for the past 2 months.
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    Thats like getting an extra $425-450 a week, the route busting has been ridiculous. They kept me light today so I couldn't file on this week.

    I filled out a grievance form and left the date and signature blank and then scanned it into my computer. I can just print them out and sign them now.
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    This is how they do the warning letters.
    ​Good thinking.
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    Actually, they do it like this. However, Thursday is DOK printing day.

    Newspaper Printing Press - YouTube
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    I remember the day I got mine. They weren't much because me and some of the other guys gave some up some to save a good union driver from getting walked off. But I still got $625 after tax for a two years worth. It took so long because our BA's wanted to use our 9/5s at a national panel. We where ok with that. One of my buddy's got $6500. Crazy!!
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    I was pulled down Monday,but Route Busting took over the rest of the week CHA CHING!
    This wont last forever,and when it's gone it's going to be gone forever so I'm making the biggest cash grab I can make now
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    They just got through paying ours last week... over 11,000 dollars for a center of only 65 to 70 routes.....
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    Our local is waaaay behind. I will be getting a ridiculous check once they hear the grievances though.
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    Our local was 2 months behind due to the sheer number of grievances. it's all good ,money in the bank
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    I will get over $200 just for this week!
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    I hope I never have to work over 9.5 hours. That would bite.
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    gotta admit I do have to laugh when UPS is the only company I know of foolish enough to include a set of clauses in a contract that lets someone work 2 hours over allowed every day, then file because their 8 hour dispatch is too hard for them to finish in 9.5 hours :nobrainzombis::nobrainzombis:
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    What is even more hilarious, is when the last quarterly statement was read, UPS said, "despite cuts, operating costs still increased"....


    Cut routes, increase overtime. Run all drivers excessively, spend more money. Then, for kicks, put in brand new package cars that only get 5.5 mpg and make drivers refuel twice as much each week!

    Sounds like UPS has it all figured out.

    The same old process of stepping over dollars to pick up a penny.


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    That's a DOT violation. I would have had every Friday off and a managers head on a pike long before 2 months. It never bothers me how many hours I work per day/week. Once I'm at the shop I'm there so its, whatever. I never understood guy/gals who's sole qualifications for a $100,000+ cash/benefit job is a strong back and an operators licences wanting bankers hours. If you wanted bankers hour why didn't you become a bankers or some other occupation that runs 9-5? Over the road truckers routinely work 60-70 hours in an 7-8 day period. That's the transportation industry. Its not just UPS. Most of the drivers at UPS are high school grad's making PhD money and many complain incessantly.

    The language is there and many are going to use it and have. Check's where finally won and everyone thumps there chest. Congratulations! I wonder if they'll feel the same when the worm turns against them and UPS has the advantage.

    BTW, the worm always turns and what comes around goes around.

    I say save your money.
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    Nice try!
    The beauty of Telematics is I can account for every minute of the day and can prove the made up fantasy numbers UPS wants me to achieve are utter rubbish.
    I worked 11.5 hours the other day and according to the report was 2 hours 'over' .The center manager and my Driver Supe went over my telematics report with a fine tooth comb and the ONLY thing they found was a 5 minute wait at a stop for the customer to answer the receiving door.
    The company will never admit it but they know the time studies are tripe