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    I was waiting for a Train to pass tonight and I had a pencil and paper so I did the math. (Im keeping this simple for the masses)

    UPS Management has 20 F/T drivers and 5 P/T
    So they send there P/T home and send out the F/T to make 5000stops (250 each ~or~ about an 11 hour day @ 2.5mins per stop)

    Long story short it takes these 20 drivers 11 hours each to finish there route.
    20 x 8 x 32 = 5120
    20 x 3 x 48 = 2880

    So UPS owes the 20 drivers 8000$ for there work + the cost of using 20 Package Cars + the cost of (miles x fuel).
    8000$ + 20x + 20(y * 2.50$)


    Now what if Management sent out 20F/T and the 5 P/T to help out lets take a look.

    Still have 5000 stops but now its 200 Stops per person. (or a 9 hour day a 2.5min per stop)
    20 x 8 x 32 = 5120
    20 x 1 x 48 = 960
    5 x 8 x 25 = 1000
    5 x 1 x 32 = 160

    So UPS owes there drivers 7240$
    7240$ + 25x + 25(y * 2.50)

    To sum it all up, UPS does not save money trying to cram 250 stops in our trucks. In fact its the most in-efficient thing you can do and heres why.

    No matter what numbers you plug in for X and Y its still only a 25% cost increase (even if you go thru a full tank of gas and the cost of using a ups vehicle is 100$ a day) the variable operating cost of 20 UPS drivers for 11 hours is still higher then 25 UPS drivers for 9 hours.

    Not to mention the following problems

    -Driver Helpers add cost to the group of 20 drivers and you dont need them when running 25 drivers

    -When trucks are Bricked out at 250 Stops there are more misloads, more time spent organizing trucks.

    -Driver productivity decreases at night and past 9 hours

    -Drivers past 9 hours need help bringing in pickups (usually done by the management team, but still its an added cost)

    -AND YOUR ENTIRE FCKING DRIVING TEAM GETS :censored2: OFF AT MANAGEMENT FOR HAVING THERE HEADS UP THERE @#$ and not being able to use 3rd grade math...let alone 101 courses in Management class like TOC solutions and Efficiency Planning.....

    On the bright side at least us F/T drivers are making a fat paycheck off there mistakes.

    Sorry for the math...:anxious:

  2. rod

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    Wow--- that must of been a long train:peaceful:
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    You beat me to the punch.:funny:
  4. drewed

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    Youre forgetting cost of cars, insurance, training, the need to make more ft jobs if a pter works over a certain number of days ft....youre example works in very limited circumstances, there are people that make a lot more then us to make those decisions.
  5. dilligaf

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    :dont_know:To complicated for me. All I know is that the last 3 days I have del 139 +136+134=? stops and 249+269+243=? pkgs. What's the answer? :rofl:
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    The pension contribution needs to be figured in also. The less drivers, the less that UPS has to pay into that weekly pension payment. I agree with everything else you said, but there are many more factors than you laid out.
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    The cost of cars, insurance. maintance is what X represents.

    The need to make more ft jobs is irrelevant on a day to day basis (I am only concerned with Variable expenses in this example not Fixed)

    And my example works in very limited circumstances..!?!? maybe, prove me wrong, UPS management seems to think Im full of crap to.
  8. killamjl

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    -No since the FT drivers is fixed at 20, or 40 whatever you want to plug in the only variable is P/T drivers (cover drivers).

    -Cover drivers get pension/insurance regardless if they drive or I left it out

    -Another factor is truck expenses or (X) and if a truck is used or not it still incurs the same expense (insurance, value loss, maintance) so If you want you can leave the (X) expense out.
  9. drewed

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    Ill work on the math but like a said, someone with a much higher pay grade makes that many cases its not even up to the local management group
  10. dannyboy

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    the answer is not enough work. you need at least 150 stops a day to plan 8 hours this time of year. gotta reach back and do your part, no slackers.......:wink2:

    not at what they pay the helpers. that is why ups uses them.

    it is cheaper to run a group of drivers overtime than it is to cut in routes and dispatch more drivers who work less hours.

  11. satellitedriver

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    The answer is simple.
    You are a slacker and the numbers prove it.:happy-very:
    Add 1+3+9 = 13
    Add 1+3+6 = 10
    Add 1+3+4 = 8

    Need I draw you a graph on your production numbers proving that you do less production everyday?:dissapointed:

    Now, Slacker, view the pkg numbers.

    2+4+9= 15
    2+6+9= 17 (good job you got the numbers up on the graph)
    2+4+3= 9

    Stick with me , slacker.:funny:
    Add the deliveries:
    13+10+8 = 31
    Find the average;
    10.3 deliveries

    Add the packages.
    15+17+9 = 31
    Find the average;
    10.3 packages
    (Spooky how, the delivery stops and packages add up to the same number)

    So in closing, Slacker.:happy-very:
    You only deliver 10.3 stops and only have 10.3 packages per day, and you charge UPS 10 hrs of pay to do it.

    I.E math doesn't lie.

    You better get your numbers in line, or else!!!!

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    Oh noes
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    peak season in feeder= 2 boxes, 1 stop.
  14. dilligaf

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    OMG I am laughing so hard I might pee my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    sat, i didnt know you did a stint in IE before you went into delivery.

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    Ha ha,,
    Maybe I should not post during peak.
    Especially, after 3 beers.
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    For my next eye opening post I think I should stick with Wit and Humor and leave Math and Logical thinking to the Suits to discuss....

    (Crawls back into the box)
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    Nah, this is to much fun.
    Stop, look and listen at those train crossings.
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    My center in positioned in between 6 rail crossings, so it happens alot, but brings up another question is why you would put a buisness that focuses on timely operations between 6 active railways.

    And yes it sucks in the mornings....espically when your loaded with airs
  20. dilligaf

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    I thought it was great! I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.