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  1. G.Rosetti

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    Hello. I've been with Ground as a PT package handler for 3 months now. I don't mind the physicality of the work but I'm moving closer to an Express location soon and wondering what a Material Handler position would be like. My work with Ground so far has been a solid 20hrs/week with the option of maxing out at 30 as a part-timer. According to the ad, the Express job would be roughly the same 20 hours, but at a better wage. I have read however about the 2-3 hour unpaid "breaks", in which one basically waits around for a plane to land??? Will anyone elaborate on this and/or about the duties of the job in general? Will I have the chance to pick up extra hours if need be? Would I even be considered as an Express Handler w/ only 3 months loading experience or should I stick it out with Ground for a little longer?


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    I would say if you are young (under 30) forget about FedEx period. If you like this line of work UPS is the company to work for. There you will have a guaranteed wage progression and benefits along with an opportunity to drive and make real good $. The choice is yours, choose wisely.
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    If you want education assistance express provides a few thousand per year. Either way go to school or yes indeed head over to the brown side. UPS drivers make double what fedex drivers make. And benefits are elite compared to fedex. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm under 30 but well past the age where I should be focusing on a career path. I actually haven't given any serious consideration on driving for either company. At this point I'm just looking for something to do short-term while in school, and wondering which company is better with pay/hours.