Happy Labor Day

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Lead Belly, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Wasn't it that woman from Louisiana, Mama Boucher that created Labor Day?
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    Medulla Oblongata
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    7 days old (5).jpg
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    Hell yeah!
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    Too bad our pieces of garbage union leaders colluded with UPS to eliminate weekends off and allow UPS to pay straight time on weekends. The creation of a new lower paid 22.4 position of which every single UPS worker in that classification is guaranteed 40 hours per week without creating a guaranteed 40 hour week for all RPCDs is absurd. Why wouldn't any competent negotiator at least attempt to secure a 40 hour guarantee for ALL RPCDs? NORCAL fulfilled their duty of fair representation during contract negotiations and won this obvious right to 40 hours for EVERY single RPCD in NORCAL.

    UPS manipulating volume by advancing loads, delaying loads, or offering major discounts to large shippers who agree to have the vast majority of their shipments delivered on weekends, etc. in order to get more work shifted to Sat and Sun was easily sniffed out by NORCAL.

    The Hoffa Red Vested arse clowns did not change the constitution to allow a simple majority rule. Because they knew this contract would be voted down. Hoffa,Taylor and others do not want UPSers votes to matter. That would mess up their collusion with UPS.

    Working holidays at straight time is coming down the pike.

    UAW US Big 3 workers starting at $13 to $15 an hour is unacceptable.

    There is hope. Many of the criminals at the Teamsters, UAW and other unions are being convicted for corruption and collusion.

    The UAW collusion and corruption is a disease. What's going on at the Teamsters (especially at UPS) is a cancer. Erradication of Teamster leader corruption is within the members reach and/or the reach of the DOJ ,DOL. and other agencies.

    Either they go to jail or get voted out. Many of these rats will turn on the bigger rats in plea deals. It has already begun.

    The members will reshape and reform unions.

    There is no excuse for a 22.4 to be guaranteed 40 hours per week. While only guaranteeing RPCDs 24 hours per week. No excuse.
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    Who do you anticipate supporting in the next IBT General Election?

    Seems like a fair question, in light of the prognostication contained in this quoted post.
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    UPS Teamsters have been working weekends at straight time for decades. A lot of Feeder drivers have Tue thru Sat schedules or Sun thru Thurs. PT air drivers receive straight time on Sat even if it is a 6th punch. Nothing new here.
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    Not Hoffa, Hall or Taylor. If no other viable candidates enter, I would support Obrien /Zuckerman. I do think we could do better than O & Z....but who would that be?
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    The main argument is...what is the justification in the Taylor Hoffa Hall leaders creating a lower paid classification that is guaranteed 40 hours per week while RPCDs are only guaranteed 24 hours per week. It is counter to everything union are supposed to be about.

    Many who are now considered RPCDs already bid onto a T to S schedule. Many RPCDs would bid onto a W to Sun schedule because they are older, have no kids at home and prefer to have M and T off.

    Still more pressing is the fact that lower seniority RPCDs would jump at the opportunity to work Sat and or Sun if that was the only way to get their 40 hours.

    Yet...RPCDs do not have that right, why not?
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    people have short or no memory about what labor unions have contributed for us by spilling blood and some even died for the benefits most take for granted.

    It's really a fascinating history .
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    Doesn't the Central have language that says the top 90% that work the 1st day of the week have a 40 hour guarantee?
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    ....yes, but the question now is does that apply to all "schedules"???

    Monday thru Friday, Tuesday thru Saturday, Wednesday thru Sunday, etc....or the entire seniority list as a whole???
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    I would think it would only apply to RPCDs. 22.4s have a 5 consecutive day 40 hour guarantee. So even the lowest seniority 22.4 gets 40 hours correct?
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    Why do you think the company slashes routes every monday?
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    It's Article 12 Section 1

    "There shall be a weekly guarantee in each center as follows: In each classification in each center, the most senior ninety percent (90%) of employees called or put to work on the first (1st) workday shall be afforded the opportunity of working forty (40) hours of straight-time work during the week."


    It would be by work schedule.

    Trying to include the entire seniority list, would be a nightmare.