Have we open the door for production harassment?

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    Greeting everyone
    I don't know if it is our building or the country as :censored2:, the company has slashed the time allowance (again) and is harassing increasing number of drivers almost on a daily bases in our building. I for my part I went from about -40 to 150 - 170 over and now they are accusing me of stealing time doing the same thing. The big thing now is SPOR. They want to consistency and more SPOR regardless if you have lots of commercial or not. I thought in the contract we addressed production harassment or maybe we left a loop hole
    what's your thoughts
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    over-allowed is the current flavor of the month here * soon they will move on to a different focus
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    When they ask "What happened yesterday"? your replay should always be "Get my union rep".
  4. Indecisi0n

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    It's not a loop-hole. Drivers need to understand THEY CAN'T BE FIRED FOR NUMBERS! It boggles my mind how drivers can not comprehend this. Management uses harassment to push drivers trying to get them to go faster while giving them the impression their job is it stake, IT ISN'T! It isn't until you start getting into accidents/injuries. Keep your same pace and stay safe.
  5. Wally

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    They know they will scare some into working off the clock, sorting, skipping lunch, etc. Same old story.
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    I always politely offer to have them ride with me to show me how to do my job better. Been taken up on it twice and twice have been told I have a horrible allowance. Besides, they can tell I average 20 SPORH and do up to 30 an hour in the resis just by looking at ODSe. They just have an email up their arse every morning and can't do much about it.
  7. 728ups

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    We have had the same thing in our center as well. We had a virtual time study on our building this year and My group went on the average from being scratch to .3 over to 1.5-2 hours OA everyday.
    Threats have been issued, we have been told we are 'laying down' on the job and "you are all screwing us and we are going to find out how" ...........a couple of OJS rides have been performed but at the end of the day if you work safely and work by the methods what can they say??? ................NOTHING. No discipline has been issued,just empty threats.Just do the job as if they were with you each and everyday and you'll be FINE

    My supervisor said he cant understand where/why i am 'losing time' looking at my telematics reports. I was supposed to get a 3 day 'lock in' earlier this year but when we were 2 hours OA on the first day and he couldnt find anything wrong with my ability to do the job nor find reasons of my time loss he decided a 3 day 'wasn't really necessary'

    After awhile ,if you are consistent on the overallowed time ad you let them know you dont give a damn about their numbers they won't mention it any longer
  8. Coldworld

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    If you are loosing 2 hours on a route, there is something totally wrong with that..and you can't file on it because the union won't even look lol at it. Who is making these bogus time changes and where is the integrity in that?
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    Understand one thing, there is not now and probably never will be a cause for termination based on numbers. Dont mistake that for they cant fire you, they can fire you for anything they want. But it wont stick. Managements numbers are just that managements numbers. They deducted 4 seconds per stop just for the key fob. As long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing the numbers matter not!
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    skipped all the rubbish before my post......

    The Union doesn't care about their numbers nor do they recognize them. Carry on.
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    Unless you stop getting a check, don't worry about their problems.
  12. JackStraw

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    "I don't know what to tell ya I busted my ass out there"
  13. nicky

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    This is the best answer you will ever hear... If they pull a virtual OJS or question your numbers on a stop simply respond "I was working safely" if they press further "I was doing my job, while working safely."
  14. Coldworld

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    if they know the numbers are wacked why cant something be done about it...it is a total lie..
  15. Coldworld

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    it doesnt take four seconds to open the bulkhead with a key...total bs
  16. nicky

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    Look at it this way today I did 163 stops x 4 seconds per stop is almost 11 minutes per day
  17. 728ups

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    that is MANAGEMENT's problem not mine. I have zero problems telling my supervisor that the only numbers I care about are on my Paycheck
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    I dont give a dam about no dam numbers man, FUNK DAT lol.
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    Whenever they bring someone in to talk about numbers, I always break out a few outstanding grievances and ask them about those numbers. When they say they don't know anything about them, I always follow up with, we don't know anything about those numbers either. Looks like we're in the same boat here, lets jump out and go back to work. The numbers will never ever matter.
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    ^ this guys my favorite!