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    Just checking in to judge your opinions on your own Company seeing as UPS has acquired TNT Express, the Company I work for.:runcirclsmiley2:
    As you can imagine there is a lot of trepidation as to where this take over is going to leave our workers, will we be re-branded or a whole lot worse.
    Anyway I'll just be sitting reading most days and may post occasionally to keep anyone interested in what's happening over here.

    Goodbye for now.
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    Welcome TNT Man. If I remember , it is not a done deal. Regulators still have to approve the deal. I also remember that TNT can back out of the deal (with a financial penalty) if they receive a higher offer from another company.

    So I don't think UPS owns TNT yet. As for how it will affect your company if the deal does go through. I honestly don't know the extent of your network and the extent of the UPS network in the UK and other parts of Europe. I would think that if there is redundancy due to overlapping networks, there would be some cuts (employees). But which side of the fence?? If the tnt workers makes less than the UPS workers, expect the UPS side to lose people. Other way around, then TNT workers.

    Will you be rebranded ? Good question. Years ago, UPS bought out a company in the United States called Overnight and put a paint job over the existing equipment and called it UPS freight. Overnite was in a different category than UPS so there was not any competition between the two companies before Overnite was bought out. In that case, I am sure the only loss in employees might have been in accounting departments, administrative, etc.
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    TNT founded 1946
    UPS founded 1907

    I wouldn't be too nervous.
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    Thanks for the replys.
    We think the deal will be formally announced late August early September with a country by country merging of the two companies with your own CEO being quoted as saying TNT as a brand will cease to exist in four to five years. We are a significantly bigger player in europe with a well structured road and air network throughout which I think is the prize UPS is after. We carry freight ie pallets bulk shipments as well as parcels so we may become the logistics side of UPS with the parcel side being moved over to your existing infrastructure, who knows. Do you have a logistics side in the US ie pallets / bulk freight which runs along side the parcel side ? We retain a lot of customers due to the fact we are a one stop transport co where we will collect all a customers freight and deliver it from mail to pallets on the one truck.
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    Well, the division that we have that does pallets is UPS Freight. But they don't pick up parcel work meant for the UPS side.

    It sounds like TNT allows for more flexibility than UPS in terms of how shipments are packed together. I think your job is safe if that is what you are worried about. Just be prepared for more micromanaging and also get used to people who never or rarely drove a truck to tell you how to do it. How to bend and lift packages, etc.
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    Yup we already have people like that, those that seek to infer that you know nothing and if anything untoward happens during the day its generally your fault. Sounds like we may be closer in corporate detail than I thought.
    Again thanks for the answers. i'll now post in some relevant forums on here to stop clogging up a thread for newbies.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe TNT Man. It is good to hear from someone in TNT and the things you are hearing on your side.
    We do have an International site here on Brown Cafe you may be interested in but most traffic on this site is US and Canada based.
    Look forward to your future posts.

    PS - UPS allows existing tattoos but no new ones so don't expect much re-branding. :upssmiley: (Stupid American Humor)
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    pickup, TNT may be talking about our SCS.

    TNT--I will be very interested in your commentary on the transition you and your co-workers will be going through.
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    Yes, he may be, I was just throwing him a few bones until the heavy lifters got back from their day work.
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    Where abouts in the UK are you from mate?
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    Scotland, the land of the brave.