Imperial Presidency

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    Interesting op-ed along that subject line IMO.

    You know, depending on the political party or policy in power we support, we scream foul concerning gov't actions. During the Clinton years one side screamed of controversy and now with Bush another side screams of equal volume. And both sides do have some very valid points. Stepping back and looking from a distance you'll see in either case problems are many but does that say much about gov't itself? Not really. From a historical perspective, what we see is the same ole' same ole' as has happened throughout the history of man. I think what we sadly fail to see and point the finger of fault at is ourselves. There's an old saying in that "you get what you deserve!" Honestly looking at ourselves I can only conclude this old saying as being absolutely dead on the money but we also get what in fact we have demanded. The op-ed above just seemed to cry this out IMO.

    Once heard an old preacher say "God doesn't punish, he's just leaves town for a while and leaves you to your own devices until your own stupidty becomes so apparent that it brings you back to your senses and then he returns from vacation!" I've always loved that explaination and it just seems to fit right about now!
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    Its not what your country can do for you
    Its what your country can talk you into.
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    LOL! That's prettty good. Stay warm.
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    Those who think Bush is acting imperialistic also think Parkay tastes like butter. Maybe he is just aware that our liberal courts are far more willing to protect the rights of criminals than my own right to live without being preyed upon.
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