Is this chart posted in your station ?

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    I noticed the Sr. Manager has posted on a bulletin board outside of her office, a chart with the list of all the couriers employee numbers. This chart in colored in green, yellow, and red, and right in the middle of this chart is a 2 or 3 digit number, which is the percentage of what the courier is running for the month on-road. If you're running 100% your EE# is in the green section, if you're running 99-97% the EE# is in the yellow section, and if you're running 96% or below the courier is in the RED.

    So what's going on here ? Is management is trying to shame and embarrass couriers ? What is this, some sort of game the company is playing with their employees ! I don't mean to offend anyone here, but it seems to me Fedex management AND dispatch have become the equivalent of terrorists, in terms of terrorizing their own employees if the employee doesn't have a "By Any Means Necessary" attitude, in terms of giving the manager and the company the numbers/goals that's being demanded.

    Don't get me wrong, we all understand we are there to a job, but if you (Fedex) continue to push, and push, and push a person, that person could eventually lose their cool with the manager. Maybe this company should start having meetings on "How to control your stress level, in a hostile work environment" ! What happened to "Safety First" ?
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    Many stations post the on-road numbers, if handled properly it can be more of a friendly competition between couriers....give your buddy a hard time if he ran under 100% etc. Some see it the other way, as you do. Try not to take it so personally.
  3. This isnt a friendly competition must be in California. Hey aren't you guys union? I bet you get a paid .30 min break!!!
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    I wish I could see my running sph numbers so I'd know how to pace myself.
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    "Production First, Safety Last". FedEx doesn't give a crap about safety...just $$$. They talk a good line about being safe and having a "balanced" life, yet do everything possible to make sure they own your soul and push you way past the point of being a safe driver. From what I hear, many couriers are working through breaks, speeding, and otherwise doing whatever it takes to make those magic numbers.

    Sooner or later, something very bad is going to happen, and word is finally going to make it to the media about what's going on. It isn't right, or ethical, or safe. All of this says something about the "core values" of FedEx, doesn't it? As in the only thing they care about is PROFIT. Too bad if you get killed or injured being forced to drive like a maniac just so you can keep your job.

    SHOVE IT, SMITH!! I wish your pasty fat ass was out here on the road with the rest of us. You are a bastard from the bowels of Hell.
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    MFE, did you know that George W. Bush was all set to appoint Fred to be Secretary of Defense on two separate occasions (2000 and 2004)? The first time Fred had health issues. The second time his daughter had health issues which she unfortunately lost her battle with.

    How would you have slept at night knowing Fred was in charge of our nation's defense?
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    Not well. I knew about the Secretary of Defense thing, which would have been a payoff for Fred's status as a "Ranger", which means he was one of the top money men for the GOP. I hope he's a better father than a corporate "leader". Nobody wants to see someone lose a child, not even if it's Smith.
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    They used to post this at my station, last time I looked, the date on the yellowed one on the bulletin board was from last November!
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    And it was hilarious last year when for an entire week we had all the managers out cleaning the barn, oiling the belts, fixing all the signs (even the ones out in the parking lot), and trying to make the dump look good. Then we find out it was because MT3 was coming to the station for a meeting with all the employees that week. Of course being a swing at the time, I missed it because I was assigned an early am ramp shuttle that day. Never did hear that much about what he talked about, either.
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    MRFEDEX2000.....the last time our station had friendly competition, there were two accidents. Not sure if that's a good idea any longer.
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    Instead we got Don Rumsfeld? Is that a step up?
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    No. I'm guessing Smith would have handled matters in a similar fashion.
  13. MrFedEx

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    It's always a total dog and pony show when one of the "gods" descend from Memphis and visit the lowly hourlies. A better idea would be to just show up, totally unannounced, and see things as they really are. I've never seen a "surprise" visit from the Golden Ones, which means they really don't want to know what's going on. It's pretty clear that they don't have a clue.

    I've never met MT3, but I know people who worked for him when he was an MD and Regional VP. Total A-hole.
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    So I guess it's somehow my fault they don't know how to drive?
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    Right on target.
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    We'd probably just have one big red sheet. Since the numbers however calculated are skewed.