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    center manager calls me in the office with steward this morning says on the 6th I had an unreported accident at 10:02pm. Witness says I delivered the pkg, when I was leaving I hit the customers front bumper, then backed up and drove off. I asked for the telematics report showing where I backed and center manager says there is no backing on the telematics for the time in question. I didn't hit that car. This is bogus. Took my I.d. and walked me out.
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    Maybe the witness hit the bumper? You should get your job back unless they have solid evidence. If you ever do have an incident report it immediately and always be honest about it.
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    center manager says he was just doing what he was told. He said he knew he didn't have enough evidence and he knows I'm gonna get my job back. He said he had to do something within the 10 day period and try to scramble up all of the evidence afterwards. If they wanna pay me to take some time off, then so be it.
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    ​Calling it your job don't make it right.........Dirtbags everyone!
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    We work for the devil......whatever happened to innocent to proven guilty??...Thats our union not at work for us......just like this contract!..just saying........but im not the only one!..take the 2 horses off the Teamster sign and replace with 2 tampons!..get me the f out of here.......and I will never ever ever take another sellout Teamster job......the only thing they care about is oue dues money....and OBAMA...............SHOVE IT FAT ASS HOFFA
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    When you are cleared of the accident sue the "witness" and the home owner for back pay, benefits, and intentional infliction of emotional duress.
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    No brainer. In this case....telematics is your friend.
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    Problem #1...
    If a witness says it, it is assumed to have happened.

    If there is no other evidence (Video? Vehicle damage? Brown paint on vehicle?) you will probably get a good scare and some time off but with a nice back pay check when it is all done.
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    There game is this. They know they dont have a leg to stand , but will make u sweat it out and offer u your job back at the local level hearing but with no back pay thinking u will just be glad to have your job back. If you want back pay they will make you sweat more and a couple more weeks off till next hearing. That's how they work

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    WELCOME TO THE CLUB !!!!!!!!!!


    Unfortunately, you will have that in your file for 18 months unless your steward and business agent get it thrown out.
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    In that case take some time off to get stuff done like you were on vacation. It will get your mind off things. 95% of the time you will get your job back in 2 to 5 working days. 80% of the time with back pay.

    ​Also they might get cute and say the witness has video and say take a suspension or go to arbitration. The thing with that is the don't have to show the video until the arbitration hearing. So it's a trap and if they pull this you better be sure nothing happened or take the suspension. I always say it's like playing chess and you have to be two to four steps ahead of the company to win.
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    Did anyone measure the "alleged" damage? Truck bumper vs damaged area. I too had an eyewitness report an accident once, however, the damaged area was too low upon inspection for the truck to have caused hit.
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    No meds....just beer.....and no HOFFA!..................Thanx.DR. hoax
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    What does medicines have to do with it? Is this a automatic drug test?
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    I believe that it is possible to scrape something with the package car and not know it. I honestly believe that.

    That being said, If you are SURE that you couldn't have scraped that vehicle, don't you want to just punch that lying witness right in the throat for putting you in this jam?
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    I've only been driving for 8 years but this happened in our center once and only once because the
    driver knew he didn't do it and because he lawyered up.
    This is how it went down after the complaint:
    driver got fired
    union filed a grievance and had the lawyer who was on retainer with the local fire off a letter to the complainant on behave of the driver, as an individual ie discovery in a civil suit
    complainant recanted what he told ups but ups still wouldn't give the driver back his job until the local hearing where his/the locals lawyer had a signed affidavit from the complainant saying he might be
    be mistaken
    driver got his job back with back pay
    So if you didn't do it lawyer up and get offense this is your families lively hood people are messing with.
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    You were delivering at 10;02PM? And they did not send you help? If what you're saying is true, I would have a good lawyer ready to go.
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    Did you file a grievance???
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    Dont forget you OT with that back pay and enjoy your vacation.