Looking forward to a "Safety Ride"

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  1. Theichii

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    I hope running bonus isn't a good cause for a "Safety Ride." Yesterday i ran -200 and today i ran -183, and that's AFTER having 30 or 40 minutes added to get a guaranteed 8 hrs. So it's really like -240 and -213 My center manager said "i really don't understand how you do it", which is making me think i get a coveted safety ride. I swear if the supervisor gets in my way while i'm delivering i WILL leave him at a stop.
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  2. drewed

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    Is -200, 200 mins? 3.3 hours would be a quiet a bit to cut......
  3. atatbl

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    no.....and also no
  4. Theichii

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    Ups breaks it up into 1/100ths on the report so it's 2 hours or 2 hours and 24 minutes with the guaranteed eight and 1 hour and 50 minutes or 2 hours and 10 minutes with the eight hour guarantee
  5. Cementups

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    SLOW DOWN!!!!!
  6. atatbl

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    Guaranteed that he has no idea what this means.

  7. drewed

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    No I get it so every minute equals 1.55 or something like that?
  8. Theichii

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    yeah...but i'll put it simply i did a 10 hr planned day in 7.5 hrs and a 9 in 7 hours
  9. paidslave

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    I think that the 2 hours bonus this driver thinks he is making is all the time that he spends on the dock before his start time. All the time he spends working by punching out earlier and continues to work. All the time he spends working through his lunch and recording that he had taken on. The time spent not taking his ten minute paid break.. The time spent going above the posted speeds and rolling stops sign. All the time spent for cutting customers the service that they are begging and paying for. The time spent for blowing off pickups or giving them to a different driver. The time spent scanning airs before they are deliver after 10:30 either closed or dr'd and delivering them without needing to cut from loop. The time spent for working very unsafe. The time spent for padding stops. The time spent for signing for packages or using signature released when handing the customer their package. The time spent for double parking and making happy people a difficult commute unhappy. The time spent for signing for packages. The time spent running and not walking at a brisk pace costing the company Millions on injurys. These are a few things that UPS rewards its employees for called BONUS! If you are in management you have a whole new set of time cutting measures that you are rewarded!

    I am sure there are hundreds more! Anymore please respond...:smart:
  10. govols019

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    You want a cookie?
  11. brown bomber

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    perhaps you could explain to me the methods you used to accomplish this feat...I've begged Management to show me the "proper and safe" means to reach these lofty numbers.............I'm still waiting
  12. SlowRide80k

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    Are you on Telematics? Are you using the methods? As long as your doing it by the book then there is no problem. I've told my supervisor many times that there are two seats in my truck and its parked in the same spot every day. So he knows where to find me and he has a seat waiting for him if he so chooses. We recently went live on Telematics. (2/3 weeks) and though we were told about the saftey aspects being the most important but now they are looking at anyone who runs Paid Over to ride them. Some of the numbers they are looking to get are unreal for some routes. The District message this week for the managers is we have too many over 10's. Now anyone who is over 10 has to call the center to speak to the center manager to get approval for their over 10.
  13. rod

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    Your that driver they always told us about------and here I though they were pulling my leg. :wink2: just remember----what you do today is what they will hold you to do tomorrow---- you won't be Superman all your career
  14. Theichii

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    no going home at 430 and getting paid till 7 is good enough for me, lol
  15. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I hope the driver that gets laid off because of your running thanks you.
  16. Jones

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    He just started driving in January, so I'm guessing that the laid off driver will be him :happy-very:.
  17. Billy

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    There is nothing to prove here. Work safe and follow methods. Otherwise you could find yourself sitting at home because you're hurt, or laid off because UPS was able to cut out a route because you're a hammer. Remember "Methods First, Production Second."
    What kind of stops per hour are you doing?
  18. faded jeans

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    Whenever I read posts about running underallowed or racking up very high SPORH I can only assume that your route is dense, streets are paved and have names, those names are on signs and maps, houses have numbers that are visible. Stops are not 8 miles apart; maybe your entire route is not 8 miles long.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Screw that !!!

    What is the center manager going to do when you call that you are over 10 !! Yell at you ! Threaten you ! Fire you !!
    Its just a psychological attempt at making sure you are not screwing them. If they are worried about Over 10's, then they can adjust the stop count. They have it set up in my building where everyone is pretty much over 9.5, so when you return to the building, everyone is in line waiting to drive into building and wasting time and going over 10.

    As long as you do the job correctly and do it the same everyday, there is nothing as a union employee that you should worry about. Plus, we have all had days where the stop count is lighter and we still are screwed out there. Let them adjust things, don't work faster (which means unsafe).
  20. SlowRide80k

    SlowRide80k My other one is Red Tag'd

    I agree Heff. I just thought it was funny that suddenly the fact that we send a message that we're over 10 is no longer good enough. We now have to call and speak with the manager so he can approve it? What is there to approve? It's not that your asking to go over....your informing them that you are over. I know exactly why they did it because some of the guys will be intimidated into running 10-15 mins of their breaks in order to stay under just so they don't have to talk to the center manager.