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    There are some major hospitals here that have yearly fund raising lotteries that offer ridiculously expensive prizes.For example,a completely furnished million dollar home with a jaguar in the driveway.huge boats,world cruises,maseratti's,lambourghini's,etc...
    The tickets are $100 each.If I could afford $100 and I did win,I could never afford to even pay the taxes on the home,or pay the insurance on the cars they offer.If the tickets were $25,and the prizes were a bit more modest, I might be tempted to buy one.Obviously they are targeting people that are well off already,but to me they are missing out on the chance to include the people that would actually benefit from their windfall.
    What do you think?
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    The Ocean Institute of Dana Point is just one of the lotteries held around here. They sell $150 tickets to win either a condo in Laguna Beach or a million dollars cash.

    We've bought tkts for 3 different lotteries of theirs. Several San Clemente residents have won early bird cash drawings ($5,000 or $10,000). Much better odds than the state lottery.

    That odds of winning something are pretty good because there are a limited number of tickets sold.

    They just announced the winner in the last 2 weeks and she chose the cash and I would do the same.
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    I won 3 bucks in the Power Ball lottery last week:taz::clap::punk::hammer::yes::scooter::2guns::surrender:gun_banda:happy2:

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    Any lottery is bad news no matter how enticing the odds may be. Have heard just recently how this lottery on the East Coast will be experimenting with a "Billion Dollar Prize" scratch ticket. Tickets should run around 20 bucks a shot.

    I'm telling you we are sending the wrong message to kids now days who feel the only way they they will get ahead in life is winning the lottery. I know of parents who buy tickets for their kids on a regular basis.

    I'm just saying I know people who have gambling additions, not much different from being addicted to meth!
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    Lotteries can be fun in moderation, and excellent ways to raise money. What I don't understand about the hospital lotteries is how many people are participating in these things for them to be able to afford these enormous prizes.
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    I just read this in our local paper:
    Lotteries are a voluntary tax for people that can't do math.
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    necro ??
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    Sometimes they might purchase items for raffles, but many times Items are donated, Especially homes etc... they may be part of an estate that was left to the hospital, if the hospital sells it(PITA) there are many tax issues to contend with. If they "Raffle" it in a charity Lottery, there are many more tax benefits and they look better in the publics eye. Same goes for car dealers, they'll donate last years Jag or whatever and write it off for charity.

    And yes the tickets are expensive and the odds aren't in your favor, but the odds are much better than powerball...

    I used to attend car shows and people would "raffle" off cars 1 in 100 chance of winning vs powerball odds.

    Lots of people hunt the internet and such for just these kinds of raffles/fundraisers the odds of winning are just better.