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  1. upslick

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    I was instructed to take my full hour lunch inside my package car. It was 103 degrees at lunch time outside, so I am guessing that it might have been around 120+ in the back of the package car. I didnt work as instructed and I hope I get punished tomorrow. Got to love management, they are so creative at ways to try and get under our skin.
  2. iamhuge

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    Get a witness next time. No superviser will admit to telling you that.
  3. scratch

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    You do not have to sit in your package car and eat lunch, its your time to do what you want.
  4. upslick

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    Had several witnesses. She yelled this to me from across the building as we were leaving.
  5. soberups

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    More details, please. Were you being told that you cant break trace, or did your sup really "confine" you to the package car and forbid you from eating outside, or at a restraunt?
  6. anonymous6

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    What precipitated this? Need more info buddy.
  7. JonFrum

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    If you are relieved of duty and can leave the area, you are on an unpaid lunch. (The Company can make you first park in a safe place, lock the package car and keep the keys in your pocket.)

    If you are instructed to stay with the package car, (or in the package car!!!), you are ON DUTY and must be paid for your time. This is the Law.
  8. over9five

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    Jon is correct.

    You should have sweated it out in the PC, and demanded your paid lunch.
  9. TheDick

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    If you got witnesses telling you to stay put inside ur pkg car yeah u could greive harrassment if ur the only one or of the small group of guys that have to take lunch 'hours" and not half-hour lunch breaks. It'd be a little whiny tho. My new dist mgr told everybody to do that, it worked for awhile. most just ignore it. If you do get disciplined for it and even one driver on ur list does not have to take an hour lunch- i'd file. My bldg had a favoritism system going-if you brought in ur own air u could take a half cuz u where helping the company out. But the rest--hour lunch. So we just decide ourselves on our lunches till we get letters, then its greivance time. Reason for hour lunches is if you've got empty spaces before or after lunch-they say stealing wasting time. If your not one of those guys then you have nothing to worry about.
  10. iamhuge

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    In California, lunches are by state law. They cannot make you work during lunch hour here. We had a class action suit here few years ago that cost the company thousands. They had to pay for all lunches that were skipped by drivers,going back several years. Our diads shut off when we punch our lunch in and nothing can be put into the diad till your lunch is complete. If we start our lunch too late, even by one min, we get diciplined. They force us to take lunch. Which is great.
    Now anyone who would spend lunch in back of a 120 degree truck, even if ordered, is an idiot.
  11. some1else

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    Now anyone who would spend lunch in back of a 120 degree truck, even if ordered, is an idiot.//

    uh people pay good money for saunas, just get a pail of water and a ladle and throw it on the metal so it sizzles and makes some nice steam :)
  12. upslick

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    He is the whole story. The day before the "lunch in your truck" I asked for help with one of my pick ups. I sent many messages via diad to my center team and was ingnored. Then I sent the "phrase that pays" message, I will have missed pkgs. Then all hell broke loose. I was instructed to call the center asap by my cell phone, to which I replied "nope, you dont pay that bill, I do". Then the next morning(note: I didnt have any misses) me and my sup was discussing the previous day. I was getting heated and so was she. She yelled at me to get out of the building, and I said I am on lunch. She then instructed me to take my lunch in my truck. I then asked her if I had to take my whole lunch inside my package car. Thats when she yelled at me to take my whole lunch inside my package car. I laughed and she told me to work as insturcted. I ended up taking my lunch at subway, no disp. action has been taking yet. On a side note, we are required to take our full hour lunch each and every day. Except for 2 drivers, who never have to take theirs, and one full-time art. 22.3 guy who has never taken a lunch.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    KLG, Sorry to hear this.
    I started a new thread to help get you some answers / thoughts.
  14. DS

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    You sound like a troublemaker,just do your job the way you were trained or expect to be followed every day until they find something to fire you for.