Making the switch to express?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Homedeliveryguy, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Sure you might be able to call it successful provided that you can somehow reduce your expectations low enough.
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    You don't know my situation. bbsam does. No complaints here.
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    Worked at Express for 10 years. Won't make any claim this is even a good company to work for. I will tell you in your position this is a much better deal. Don't even think about it...Don't listen to any contractors saying you have to follow rules. This is a job. It's very hard to be fired from Express.
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    Either he's not compensating his crew enough to keep them longer than a year, or he has to renegotiate his contract for more $$$

    I agree, $130 / day isn't enough, even though you seem to have a light rural route with more windshield time between stops.
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    You can actually move up in Express too, not that many do... you can go far and have a good career though if you get a degree and are prepared to deal with a little BS. Why would they though, there is at least sort of a way to reach top out now (we don't need to dissect this further its better than before, but yes Fred will probably pump the brakes on steps if we hit a downturn). And in most areas of the country being a topped out FedEx driver can set you up for a decent middle class life IMO.
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    Negotiate? Renegotiate? Orion right at the very beginning of the so called 'negotiations" X already has a maximum gross revenue number in place. The only 'negotiating" is over the question of which among the pockets available you want them to put it in.
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    They’re called “buckets”...hellooooo!