Making the switch to express?

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    You certainly are a pro. In the world's oldest profession.......
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    Or any cough, cough “independent” contractor. Thank God.
  3. Homedeliveryguy

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    So I’ve seen a lot of talk about what my contractor offers benefits wise. Well I make 130 a day. No health benefits. No dental. 1 week paid vacation. And the only other benefit I consider is that I’m able to drive my work van straight home so saves me gas money. About 30-40 bucks a week. So I’m working close to 50 hours a week for a base 650 a week salary. Granted my boss is super flexible and nice. People ask for days off all the time without pay and he always grants it.
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    Soooo, you’re making $13 an hour with no benefits.
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    If you're young, healthy just starting out with no kids very little debt and few assets you can get by with it. But, if you're still where you are now when you hit you're peak earning years chances are you'll be working until you're no longer physically able to work .
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    Yeah pretty much. There will be some weeks where I work 40 but it’s almost always over 40 and it frustrates me. That’s why I’m asking about express. No so much as to make a decision. But moreso to know what I’m walking into. Kinda hard to turn down 18.21 an hour starting off. Not sure how they do raises. Just kinda scared about the longevity of this choice. I know I could work for my contractor for the next 30 years. I’m hoping I can make that same choice with express and it be long term with good pay. And I’m 27 by the way. So as someone mentioned, yeah I can pull off the making 130 a day but I’ve alrwady noticed that there is no future with the ground side being contracted out and making a flat 130 a day.
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    Go with Express. If you don’t like it, I’m sure the contractor would take you back.
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    Yeah that’s what I’m gonna shoot for. Just have to tell him I have a better opportunity. And it sucks Bc he’s prolly gonna beg to stay. He already lost 7-8 drivers in not even a year. He can’t keep anybody and he actually is a good boss and super nice. But money talks
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    Before you go flying off to Express remember if you are designated a part time employee you could be down to as low as 17.5 hours per week but i wouldn't let that keep you from making the switch While you may have empathy for your contractor employer keep in mind the fact that they exist for no other reason than to be a pathway to a source of cheap non union labor and many of them made the mistake of believing that that pool of cheap labor would always be there for them to drink from. So let them get a little thirsty because it was their greed that put them in their current position.
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    Well hell, there ya go then!
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    Why do you even care?

    Oh that's right, you're still on board defending the company (and badly at that I must say.) FedEx has been successfully sued many times by people that have been royally screwed over and won, yet you stand there cheer-leading the deplorable environment FedEx calls management. That's why the legal department is so huge. There's so many lawsuits that the lawyers are pretty much playing whack-a-mole with them constantly.
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    Yes. Definitely be prepared for that. In my area, sometimes I think that XE management likes to do that just to screw with former XG'ers. AS IF they didn't get more than their share of crap, already!

    C'mon man. You were a contractor. You took the bait, too. Not even a teensy-weensy amount of empathy for a person who took the risk and initiative to better their station in life?

    A new patron saint needs to be designated just for XG contractors.
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    I was a Day 1 single work area contractor and stayed that way despite having numerous offers to accept additional routes completely free of charge. Why? Several reasons. I live in a depressed rural area whose supply of youthful labor is washing out quickly. In addition, XG was never going to give me enough money to procure the healthy, dedicated and productive work force I would be dependent on. A task made even harder by the fact that around here word of mouth travels as fast or faster than social media and once you've acquired the reputation of being a bad employer who demands too much and pays too little you finished.
    The other two Day1's took the same approach. When the station converted to ISP all 3 of us left. Of the 4 who remained and converted 1 defaulted 1 sold out for whatever she could salvage out of it. Of the two remaining one is so overwhelmed with turnover that he had to ask one of the Day 1's a 70 year old man with heart problems and an bed fast wife to come back and run a route on a continuous daily basis. In addition the 2 new contractors are also in such dire straits manpower wise that they are running help wanted ads on nationwide job boards.
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    Telling someone what takes place is not defending (or attacking) the company. I'm sorry you're not smart enough to understand that.

    Never said otherwise, did I, idiot?

    You don't know what you're talking about. Filing and pursuing a lawsuit requires lots of time and money, which is why most of the Express "lawsuits" are nothing more than initial "My client demands that you rectify this" bluffing lawyer letters that cost a few hundred bucks. The legal department will usually reply (they aren't required to) with whatever their defense is and a lot of laughter.

    But heck, Dale Gribble told you out in the parking lot one morning while you were all smoking Pall Malls that the legal department is so huge because of lawsuits, and if anyone would know, it'd be a fellow fat smoking courier who is as ignorant about things as you are.
  16. cosis

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    I would take part-time Express over full-time Ground any day
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  17. bacha29

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    The trouble with working for a contractor is that what you're doing the first day you're there is what you'll be doing that last day you're there and what you're making the first day you're there is what you'll be making that last day you're there.
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    GROUNDhog Day!
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    People can succeed at Ground as a driver.
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    Might want to change to a newer crackpipe. The one you use now has not been real user friendly.