Management Retired Healthcare w/ disabled spouse


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Any management out there under 65 with disabled spouse having a issue with healthcare coverage? SPD and Benefit Resources says I can use UPS Benefits (3 different people) but United Health Care says she has to go on Medicare. They quoted that the policy doesn’t allow it the way it’s written.
Of course under 65 UPS doesn’t offer allow credits to be used for supplemental insurance. Kind of feel hung out to dry!
Trying to talk to anyone at UPS with knowledge on this is useless.


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Not anywhere close to Management here..But can give a novice opinion on your options...If your wife is totally disabled she can apply for Medicare along with any Social Security benefits she may of occurred. Never been thru the process but most people have to get an attorney if your attempts are over ruled by Medicare..

United Health Care is just protecting their assets by having Medicare being the only one to provide for your wife's health coverage cost. Nothing personal just a Business decision by your health provider. The retired union folk in my area do not have any supplement health insurance once they turn 65 from the company, I believe like you said management does have that option or perk with their qualifying retirees.

Good luck with the process...