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    I am currently a part time AM package handler, and I love it. But right now im seriously considering joining the Air Nationial Guard. Does anyone know how UPS handles this? I want to go to BMT then my job training for the ANG then when I get back continue to work at UPS and do my one weekend a month for the ANG. If I do this will I lose senority? WIll I lose my benefits while im away, and if I do will I gain them right back when I return or is their a waiting period? ANy info on this would be great. Thanks again
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    I am doing that right now...the exact thing. I work the preload (am sort) and joined the air national guard in may. I was in a thing my base calls student flight where you learn about the air force history and basic ect.. during your one weekend a month. I leave for basic january, go to tech school after that and will be back in june. I must be reemployed at the job I was in when I left or a job that I would have attained in my absence (if they put up a bid that I would have won ect..). In the national master (your contract) article 15 the military clause explains this. It is a federal law called the uniformed services reemployement act. You should talk with your sups and steward before you do anything just to give them a heads up and should secure written notification before taking time off. The catch22 is you must be honorably discharged to qualify so make sure you don't fool around when serving...You will not loose any senority and will be covered by the military's active duty cobra while at basic and tech school. Once you come back aetna will be reinstated...I think if you have dependants already covered by the plan there are some rules about having health coverage continued...but that is provided by the USERRA and should be a question you ask your recruiter
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    You will not lose anything, seniority or benefits. You are covered under the Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act.

    In my experience, UPS has always been good about meeting their obligations under the law reagarding military service. As long as you let your manager know the dates you are going to be gone, and can provide him a copy of the orders you won't have a problem. Good Luck.
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    Meeting what they are obligated yes, but extra things that are not garunteed (such as vacations) it's a crap shoot. "The employer, in its discretion, may make additional payments or award additional benefits to employees on leave for serivce in uniformed services in excess of the requirements outlined in the USERRA." Basically this means you may or may not have vacation time for that year. If you are gone for half the year for bmt and tech such as I will be, it's a crap shoot...I'd use vacation time before leaving
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    Good for you guys, serving your country! We're proud of you!
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    Look up USERRA on line and copy it, read it, and understand it. If you still have questions, ask your recruiter to put you in touch with a USERRA rep. Remember UPS and your recruiter will tell you what they want you to know. GOOD LUCK
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    Enlist in one of the active services, its better for you. Reservists do everything half-assed (I can say that since I did 6 on active in the Navy). If you are serious sign up for active duty and live the life all day everyday instead of only the weekends.
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    way it sounds you know it all
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    I do :cool:

    I really don't care for reservists who were never active. The reality of the reservist is you get activated to stupid things like security, supply and admin stuff. And your training is so horrible that if you are working with the regulars they just tell you to go sit on your hands in the corner and shut-up.
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    Funny 2 of my best friends reservist have done tours in Iraq,one has been in both wars in Iraq as a reservist, also my nephew a reservist is on his way to Iraq in October, you need to quit acting like you are so great and come to reality
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    What does going to Iraq have to do with knowing how to do anything? My point is the training and experience on active is far better than the reserves.
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    I'm in the air force reserves. I was active duty before. It's only two days a month but I work harder during those two days than I ever did during any two days on active duty. I have a medical job so we work our butts off. I hear other jobs are pretty hectic too but not as much as medical jobs. There is just so much to do and not enough time to do it all in those two days.

    "I really don't care for reservists who were never active. The reality of the reservist is you get activated to stupid things like security, supply and admin stuff. And your training is so horrible that if you are working with the regulars they just tell you to go sit on your hands in the corner and shut-up."

    More like...get activated to go over to Iraq and Afghanistan and instead of doing the job you were trained for they stick you in a convoy with the Army. As far as regular deployments go....Most active duty people that end up supervising deployed reservists usually have good things to say about them. I know everyone in our unit that has been deployed recieved high marks from their supervisors when they were "over there". Many Air Force Reservists and Air National Guardsman do the same jobs they do in the military as they do as a civilian. So they are usually prepared to do the job just like anyone on active duty is. I, luckily, have not been deployed yet but I know I'm prepared for the job.

    The best service to join depends soley on what you are expecting to get out of the military. The Air Force Reserves and Air National Guard, as well as the Active Duty Air Force, is almost like working in a civilian job. You get treated with a little more respect than you would in the other branches. And the facilitys you work in are usually better than the others get. The Navy comes VERY close to being like the Air Force in that respect but the Air Force still leads in that catagory.

    Look up USERRA like the other poster said before. It is very usefull. I looked it up and learned that you can go on active duty and then come back to your civilian job without losing seniority. That is what I did. When I told HR I wanted to do that they said they had several guys in the area that had done that. You can go active duty for up to 5 years and come back to UPS. I did it and ended up in the reserves later.
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    Listen here ****head.

    I'm a SSgt. in the Air National Guard...I was activated and did tours to Iraq, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan. I do not do supply, or admin, I worked 12 hr. days repairing acft in the heat in Iraq, and in the cold in Uzbekistan. Reservists do not do everything "half-assed". Maybe you and your Naval unit did things half assed, but that is why your on a ship, so others don't have to put up with your ****.

    Don't come on these boards spewing that crap. Our unit had more missions that were complete than any other unit that had been deployed to these locations....lucky for those active duty folk we were there....
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    My recruiter had guys come in his office that had already been to the Navy recruiter and were just "shopping around". He had a pretty cool way of talking them out of joining the Navy. He'd take them to a section of the office that didn't have much furniture and had allot of wide open floor space. He'd throw a pen on the floor and out in the middle of that open space. He'd tell the guy "That is your ship that you've been on for 5 months. It is days from the closest port and you just completed a 12 hour shift doing any number of crappy jobs. Since you are off duty now where are you going to go?" Then he'd say "Ok now it's the weekend and you want to get loose and go party. Where are you going to go?" If that didn't convince them that life at Sea in the Navy didn't suck then he'd tell them about "O Country." O is for Officer. On some ships enlised personel can get in SERIOUS trouble for entering O Country. He would tell them that in the Navy you will be good enough to fix the Officers' planes, fix their computers, do air traffic control, etc. but not good enough to eat with them.
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    Thanks guys. Im currently a college junior and the reserves would five me much more time to finish my degree. I have only been at UPS for around 2 months though.
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    Hey settle down! You can't dispute the fact that you are a "reservist" if you are really all about serving your country step up to the plate and go active all the time, be a regular. GO NAVY :wink:, I think they still accept prior service.
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    **** off. I get the same training that any active duty personnel get with less BS on a daily basis. Our technicians have more experience than our active duty counterparts. I was deployed with a guy that had served in vietnam...he just retired with 35 years in service.

    Don't backpeddle now. I am in school for aviation and plan on getting a pilot slot with a guard unit...I may even consider going active duty, but who are you to be a character judge.

    I'm surprised to hear your not prior active duty, this is the response we typically get from them. "Weekend Warriors" they say....