Minimum wage was raised (in Ca)...UPS starting wage stayed the same.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Secondarysorter, Feb 11, 2012.

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    I find it interesting that for at least 13 yrs (my seniority date is '99) new hires starting wage in Ca (Richmond/Northbay hub) has stayed at $8.85 per hr. EVEN THOUGH California's minimum wage has been raised a FEW times during this same time period. Our new hires are barely making more than minimum wage for BACKBREAKING work (loading/unloading). A starting wage of $8.85 an hour in Richmond, Ca in 2012 does NOT sound like a union wage to me. However, as long as UPS keeps shafting our new hires with regards to pay, I'm GUARANTEED ot because of the ridiculous turnover! Those poor folks barely take home $100.00 a week after taxes and union initiation fees/dues. Am I the only person who has noticed this??
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    It's a part time job. Most part time jobs I've ever had (including UPS) I would make about 100-150 a week. And those jobs had NO chance for advancement. UPS part time, however, is a foot in the door
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    We had a contract proposal meeting yesterday and one of the proposals was to increase the starting PT wage to $10/hr.
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    you and who eles was at his meeting?
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    Think about what you just said? thirteen years of vactions benifits and everything eles that goes with compamyPART TIME JOB who has part time jobs for 14 years?we all pay are dues to get into this nut house
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    4 FTers and 12 PTers.
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    How has the cost of living i.e inflation, changed in 13 years?

    If you need health benefits that bad then most likely your not in good enough shape to do the job. For a long time I have thought it would be an excellent idea to offer 2 options for employees. Either lower pay with benefits, or higher pay with little or no benefits. Me personally I would have much preferred the second option because I rarely ever use my benefits. I don't blame the company for having to satisfy the unquenchable thirst of its shareholders and board members, but I don't see how you can aruge that $8.85 is adequate.

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    That's great. Stick to it!
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    I think it would be a better idea to save money by keeping the starting pay where its at, but negotiate better raises for seasoned part-timers.

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    The company doesn't need to "save" money on the backs of these people who bust their a_ses. Profits are pouring out of UPS's pockets. Our starting pay is at or near minimum wage in many states/counties. If we get a five year deal, and it stayed the same, it would be below almost all states minimum wage by 2018. That doesn't work morally or legally. Think about it, don't be selfish. We can all get a raise, but the newbies need a bump up on top of that. JMHO.
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    Since the starting pay for part timers hasn't changed much since the 1980's, I'd love to see a starting pay near the $10.00 mark; maybe it would bring in better candidates for upward mobility?


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    You make an excellent point, as do several other posts, and it is one that has been talked about since the 1990s. Unfortunately, the starting wage has never increased due to the nature of negotiations. Every benefit that is negotiated has a cost associated with it- want an additonal holiday? That may cost the company tens of millions per year. Want additional pensions contributions? more millions per year.

    It's like an "apple pie". During the negotiations, the Teamsters and UPS bargain over the "size of the pie". Thats the hard part- how much can UPS pay additionally, and still stay competitive with the competition? Once the union and company agree on the total amount of money that the contract will cost UPS (for example, $1 billion additional over the length of the contract), then the have to sit down and "slice the pie" into the money for each slice of compensation- wages, health care, pension, etc.

    The new, not-yet-hired employee has no one representing him/her at the negotiating table. If the decision is to increase the "slice" for starting wages to $10 an hour, then someone who is currently an employee gets less of a wage and/or benefit increase. Remember, the "size of the pie" has already been negotiated.
    That's why the talk about starting wages has been going on since the 1990s, but has not been significantly addressed. The union and the company know that the rank and file employees are not going to say: "pay me less so the starting wage can increase".
    It will be interesting to see if this changes when state minimum wage laws force the issue.
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    Yes we all pay our dues. However, 13 yrs ago $8.85 was semi-decent. NOW?? my opinion. In fact, it's barely one dollar over minimum wage here in California.
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    We may very well be losing some GOOD, responsible, hard-working, honest employees with integrity and a good work ethic just because they could earn just as much flipping burgers at In n Out Burger...WITH benefits! All I'm saying is we get what we pay for...crappy pay=crappy work. Am I wrong?