Monday announcement?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 705red, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    There has been a lot of talk about ups making some announcement tomorrow, just wondering what anyone else has heard.

    I have heard that it could be that we are purchasing dhl's operation in America, to a stock buy back.
  2. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    I havent heard anything.

    Either announcment wouldnt surprise me.

    I believe the DHL announcement would be more likely tomorrow because I believe you cant buy back stock within 30 days of announcing quarterly earnings and that should be coing up soon, if it hasnt passed?
  3. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    Have not heard a peep about DHL, Red.
    Not sure what they have that we would buy though.
    I know we have been putting up some infrastructure ( to support sales leads and warnings to not speculate (so I will not).
    We'll see tomorrow I guess.
  4. browndevil

    browndevil Active Member

    Whatever it is, it has got to be good. I am looking forward to when UPS is the last man standing in the delivery business. How and why did we ever let FedEx get so big anyway?
  5. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    One of the things discussed over a beer was if we buy the american share we would have outlets that could be used in asia.
  6. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    The earning report will be out Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008, at approximately 7:45 a.m.

    Also read "UPS will raise rates an average of 5.9 percent for ground shipping and an average of 4.9 percent for air express and U.S. origin international shipments in 2009"
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Arrogance and complacency are the first 2 words to come to mind.
  8. edd_tv

    edd_tv Cardboard picker upper

    micro, and mis-management are two others
  9. paidslave

    paidslave New Member

    I think buying DHL would cost a fortune and would be a mistake for our bottom line! Unless we buy them and take the accounts and shut them down.....

    UPS FREIGHT is costing a fortune to operate. Lousy equiptment and drivers expecting to get paid what UPS'ers get....

    Not sure if this would be good in a retracting market!
  10. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    paid, to the contrary

    their shares are worth less than ever before. german postal service would love to get out from underneath something they thought would be a cake walk, but instead was a real catfight. ups has the available cash.....

    it would be right on so many different levels, buying their operations really makes a ton of sense.

    we didnt so much let them as they took the lead and we have been playing catchup ever since? some of the responses are also factors.

    their commercials placed fedex as a household term meaning to get it there overnight. not just the noun, but a verb as well. it was at that point they were the undisputed leader in the customers mind.

    while ups was focused on growing things within, fdx began to expand by buying operations that ups made fun of, and turned them into a serious competition to ups operations. caught us with our pants around our ankles when we tried to run after them.

    they have led in so many ways, and ups has played catch up. it has only been in the last few years we have taken the fight to them. so far they have answered every volley thrown at them.

    we will see what this one brings?

  11. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    I heard that fedex is gaining about 70% of dhl's volume so if we buy them we would stop fedex from becoming the big dog in the business.
  12. happyboy

    happyboy Member

    I hope they announce that they will no longer allow employees to work off the clock in the mornings and the evengings, and make the diad board shut down for an hour midday ensuring the drivers have an opportunity to take a lunch break.
  13. paidslave

    paidslave New Member

    I like the way you guys think but unfortunatly lots of customers like the brand name FDX so I am not so sure buying more equiptment would be the answer!

    DHL got into trouble a few years ago. They bought tons of new trucks and never had the volumn to support all the routes they had out!

    If UPS buys them out we will have double the equipment and double the cost. And like red said Fdx is getting 70% of the volume and I am not sure they need to buy them. UPS has to send out Customer service reps out and get these contracts and buy new trucks for our business! We already of lots of capacity to get 30% of the contracts without the HUGE cost! I don't think this would be good for for UPS stock!
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    This is what Ralph Nader had to say regarding the proposed deal where UPS would airlift DHL freight:

    'More than a contract,' suspects Nader - WNEWSJ
    As a dogged critic of corporations for decades, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader was in his element Monday in Wilmington speaking out about a massive layoff action planned by profitable Deutsche Post.

    Early in his talk, he made an observation concerning the proposed agreement between DHL and rival United Parcel Service (UPS).

    When there is this kind of transfer agreement of this scope between direct competitors, asserted Nader, “It’s more than a contract.” It’s really the first stage toward an acquisition or merger, he elaborated

    Let's see if Mr Nader is proven correct tomorrow morning.
  15. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    Didn't realize DHL had DIADs.
  16. paidslave

    paidslave New Member

    Looks like he is onto something. After the layoffs I wouldn't doubt if we start delivering most if not all DHL packages! If we do buy them out maybe there is a clause that we own the contracts!

    Will be interesting!
  17. Ms.PacMan

    Ms.PacMan Well-Known Member

    One of my p/u's told me that one of his vendors told him we were buying Yellow and asked me for a confirmation.

    Could this be it?

    Isn't Yellow the last big contributor to Central States?
  18. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Yellow is i believe the largest freight company out there consisting of yellow, roadway and holland.

    There stock on friday was down around $5 or $6 bucks a share.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Let me preface this by saying that my knowledge of the freight side of our industry is limited at best. So, having said that, do we really need Yellow if we already have UPS Freight? I know that UPS Freight was Overnite but do not know if they were nationwide or regional.
  20. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    upstatnyer your my hero you are a wealth of information of what? ive yet to figure out.