New GPS Devices In FedEx CTVs

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    The official reason for installing these is to eliminate Trip Reports and Driver Logs, but the real reason is to allow management to start using the COMPASS system to monitor (micro-manage) local CTV routes. On the longer routes, it could have the beneficial effect of reducing meet-point times by allowing RTD's to alter the meetpoint enroute (via GPS) to increase efficiency. Overall, however, this is a small part of the equation. All of the RTDs I know already are aware of the Master Plan. Sorry Fred, they aren't as stupid as you think.

    The real issue will be in how closely management decides to monitor the RTD function, since the jobs of courier and RTD are so different. Attempting to micro-manage CTV routes would be problematic on two levels.
    First; Most managers don't understand the RTD job and it's associated functions and many will be tempted (or ordered) to try and increase efficiency by micro-managing truck routes, which won't work. Try calculating-in factors like chaining-up,long pre-trips,traffic,positioning containers, and managers who lie about departure times from DGO stations.

    Second; The RTD workgroup is more likely than any other to go union. Many of the drivers are maxed-out in the FedEx retirement system, very senior, and have everything to gain by going Teamster. Pissing them-off by trying to micro-manage their jobs will be throwing gasoline on the fire, since they're already extremely angry. In the long-run, forcing this new technology onto this workgroup will do more towards forming a union than anything else Memphis has thought-up so far. It won't take long for the RTD's to figure out the real reason behind the new device (COMPASS), and they'll sheet a brick when management starts trying to run them like couriers.

    Another good move Fred. Do your best to alienate the most senior and antagonistic workgroup within the company, and then see how they react. It's kind of like pissing-off the pilots, the only other workgroup in the company that has direct control over the line-haul of significant amounts of freight. A bad case of the RTD Purple Flu could really put operations into a tailspin, and you're inviting disaster by screwing with a workgroup that can screw you right back.
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    What kind of protection do you guys have from getting fired?

    Don't think in this economy people wouldn't be happy to jump on with Purple?

    Go ahead.....screw your employer!
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    No protection at all. You should know, since you've worked there. And attempting to protect yourself from being micromanaged by having Big Brother in the cab with you 24/7/365 isn't "screwing" your employer. It's amazing how many people become so pussified and compliant when times get tough. You belong at FedEx, not UPS.

    As I've said before, you've been gone long enough to not be cognizant of the many changes that will get you fired at the drop of a hat. They are looking for anything to nail you on for an OLCC or a letter, and this new GPS will get a lot of RTD's in trouble quickly. Management is seeking to impose the courier regimen on the RTD workgroup, whom they view as a prime candidate for increased productivity.

    Come on back, Fred would love to have another brainwashed zombie he can rely on to spread his manure. Perhaps you and FedExAllThe Way can start-up a Fred Smith Fan Club. Is Big Brown going to lay you off?
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    So wait you mean I can't take my RTV, off my designated route to screw around
    and the company might know?

    This is worthless, if your doing your job you've got nothing to worry about.

    We have a RTV/CTV whatever that regularly is seen going the wrong
    way when coming in at night, we figure its a booty call, pretty much confirmed
    when a "hooker" looking lady showed up with $200 cash at the station. This new GPS
    would be a great addition to straighten him out, or flush him out.

    GPS raises no concerns with me, DO YOUR JOB, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT
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    Maybe your RTD is a bum, and that's a shame, but you should care about GPS. "Doing your job" means nothing. I know dozens of excellent couriers who have been canned over the years because their manager didn't like them, they had a disagreement with a customer, or because they made some simple mistake in front of the wrong person. In other words, if they want you gone, you're gone.

    GPS in the CTV's will nab a few bad apples, but it will mainly serve as a means of micro-managing RTD's, which management has been planning for years. The PowerPad is already GPS capable, and someday they'll be able to track you the same way. Even the best couriers don't do it "by the book" all the time, and once is all it takes to be terminated.

    In today's environment of a weak economy, FedEx is more than willing to throw you under the bus to save a few bucks, and then replace you with some new hire making $15.00 per hour. They're actively looking for ways to get rid of people, and GPS just makes it that much easier.