NLRB Violations Local 174

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    The IBT and Local Unions threatening a work stoppage if workers voted no equated to the union walking a tightrope with the NLRB act. The coercion and intimidation is a violation. While no 'actual' threat was made in most locals; threats were made by 174.

    The IBT sent out numerous postcards threatening " vote no and you risk a work stoppage" Some of these postcards even contained pictures of UPSers on actual strike in 1997.

    Somehow the IBT forgot to include on those postcards.....Vote NO; the contract may be extended and we will possibly gain improvements

    While intimidation and coercion during a contract vote is a tough bar to pass with the NLRB; It is not unobtainable.

    One Local stands out in the threat category. Local 174.

    Local 174 threatened and intimidated its UPS workers over and over again. Nothing more blatant that J F telling workers that 'all those automatic package cars....make it so UPS can easily replace you' WTF?

    If you are in 174 and want to file an NLRB complaint; you need to submit it soon.
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    Voting out the Union reps for 174 would probably be the best bet, NLRB charges probably wont happen if no one has filed them yet.
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    All locals got those stupid vote yes ‘post cards’. Think I got like 7 different ones in under 2 weeks for the initial vote last year.

    Only got 1 for the supplement cote last week... and a letter from the ‘local’ saying ‘yes’.
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    which supplement are you in?

    Last contract, after we voted down the supplement, we received about 8 mailings from the local urging a yes vote on the supplement. vote yes to get your retro pay, etc.

    This time around. The Local is now recommending A NO VOTE. Yet, no Postcards. Imagine that

    This question just keeps irking me. Why wouldn't the National or 243 inform drivers that if they voted YES, that they risked possibly being laid off M and T and have no rights to work Sat or Sum because there are no contractual protections?
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    Central Region Supplement still applies....

    You really have me scratching my head now, by starting this thread.
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    He's got a good point. It did seem like a threat for work stoppage by voting no. That'sbiasedmanipulation. We've done it before and technically still doing it now, extension of last contract. A majority no vote did not mean a work stoppage and almost guaranteed an extension to the contract because it was so close to peak season. Neither the Union nor UPS had the right to manipulate the vote via threat. That's not a far bargaining tactic which we are protected on via the NLRB.
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    Any of you guys in 174????
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    Good luck.....
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    You probably already know this but most of those locals in Washington are weak af....too many small buildings with each having a different local...strength in numbers...
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    There might be 10 UPS locals in that state. They are all under the same contract language. I don’t know of any locals only serving one building tho.
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    Different BA’s though.... makes a difference....
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    So now it’s not because of small buildings anymore? You should see some of the buildings in Wyoming and Montana.
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    We will most likely wait 4 years plus to ascertain how many, if any of, Local 174s tactics work out and 174's fear tactics of UPS's financial predictions come to fruition.

    One thing for sure is that there is no logical reason why the IBT ; any Teamster Local, or Region would not protect....or create a 40 hour work week for Package Car Drivers currently on the roll. None

    Whoops, there is a reason. Sell Out Pieces of Work.
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    Keep scratching, I am not trying to pick your brain. Maybe you have dandruff.

    There was plenty of rhetoric, intimidation, coercion or threatening behavior regarding voting No propagated by the IBT and certain Locals. 174 definitely stepped way over the line.

    Starting this thread within the 6 month time frame from some/most of the 174 members knowledge of NLRB violations is necessary or pressing. A Public Service announcement....or A "the more you know" type of teaching moment.

    The NLRBs threshold for coersion of members and 174s threatening a work stoppage if 174 members did not vote yes was crossed.
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    Other than saying "vote no and you risk a work stoppage"

    What intimidation and threats were made?
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    Watch the UPS related "informational" snippets provided by 174.

    Teamsters Local 174
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    I'm in the 174 and can confirm this. However, I didn't feel it had malicious intent. Our vote ended up passing as a result of less than a 50% voter turnout.

    I've been told our hub in Redmond in the 3rd largest in the country. I have no evidence to support this. I can't stand being a part of such a large hub. Our district manager likes to "try things out" using our center as a guinea pig. Doing things like getting rid of RDO and forcing us to use Orion. Forcing the most incompetent Sups and managers into our office so he can "keep an eye on them". They DO NOT care about the drivers, we are a number to them, not a person. They play favorites and ignore seniority rules while enforcing the hell out of their very pointless rules.
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  20. browned out

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    I don't think I have ever seen anything as condescending and threatening as the 174 propaganda machine in my 30 years as a UPS Teamster.

    If anyone recalls similarly threatening or demeaning correspondence from Any Teamster group , please post to refresh my memory.