Sad day for the ibt let's fix it

It Is very disappointing to me as a shop steward to recognize the total failure of ibt to properly educate the rank and file dispite all the resources we had in the last few months to reach out to members. At no point was the danger of low voter turn out a hot topic... Ups rising and especially tdu, if actually acting in the best interest of the Union should have been screaming about the actual danger of not voting especially to all those new hires and part timers some of whom have never seen a contract or even know one exists. This situation is going to breed mistrust amongst the union towards leadship significantly more so than already exists and for those areas where membership is optional will certainly deminish the power of the Union as a whole. Regardless of how this whole situation plays out we have to remain united and powerful the weak and curupt cannot be awarded leadership positions in our union. We are powerful we are strong and ups is scared and anyone making back door deals and then keeping quiet should be exposed and thrown out. Each of us in our centers need to start doing more for the uneducated members in our center and show them we do have there back and it's not okay for management to make threats when you say you'll file a greavence or when you won't show up when you had a scheduled day off. Maybe if more workers cared about this Union and what it is and stands for and what it can do and does do for them, not every five years but every day, maybe then they would care enough to vote. Or maybe at least half of them would!