NO REAL Harassment Language

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Froggie, May 8, 2013.

  1. Froggie

    Froggie New Member

    This contract reads like Chinese fortune cookie. Maybe we could have our version of the ten commandments for managers. "Thy shall not.........
    If one knows of an example please put in your response to this post.
  2. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    I don't think it matters what kind of language us in h
  3. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    I don't think it matters what kind of language is in will just try to sidestep it....
  4. PT Stewie

    PT Stewie "Big Fella"

    Article 37.PNG

    This will prevent some little polo wearing Hitler youth from sending you to the unload (with extra heavey boxes) for filing a sup working grievance or even dare to ask him why he is doing bargaining unit work.
    Article 37.PNG
  5. 804brown

    804brown Well-Known Member

    Possibly. Most likely management will say "needs of the company", that they needed a body in that area, etc. This is in no way retalliation (add sarcasm). Sorry if I seem a bit skeptical.
  6. balland chain

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    They should have removed the Dignity and Respect language because here in the south,my center manager has not and does not treat us with it... As usual the company will say it is all interpretation. they will spin it to their advantage..AS USUSAL.
  7. UPS Preloader

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    Anyone remember the IBT Opening Proposals?

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  8. Returntosender

    Returntosender Well-Known Member

    Smoke and Mirror.
  9. Froggie

    Froggie New Member

    It looks like I draw on own experience.
    Thou shalt not ride with a 35 year teamster feeder driver who has had no accident. (If you think a bluetooth cell phone is a distraction, you ain't heard nothin yet.) A smart ass know it all yankie going to teach a southerner how to drive.
  10. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Thou shall not act like a Cornhole...Thou shall not be abusive unto others....Thou shall not covet my beer...or you will get more than a grievance!!!!!!!!!!
  11. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    You need to understand contract language is vague in area's for a reason... Interpretation has saved plenty of jobs. Everything can't be black and white.
  12. SouthernComfort

    SouthernComfort New Member

    UPS's definition of dishonesty: If they ask how many times you shook your dick after a piss and you said "about 5" and they can prove you shook it 6 times.... your terminated.
    I shake it so fast and hard now even I loose count.... Soon enough they will have 5000 frame per second cameras installed in our shirts pointing at our dicks so they can keep track for us... lucky for me, mine's so small they will need a telescopic lens just to find it.... BAM! I win.
  13. Gumby

    Gumby *

    THOU SHALL NOT ...bare false witness against a driver!!!!
  14. 804brown

    804brown Well-Known Member

    Well they always think we are dicking around anyway.

    You poor southerners always getting the SHORT end of the....stick.
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  15. SouthernComfort

    SouthernComfort New Member

    The only thing worst than pissing in a gatorade bottle in the back of a package car in august when its 98 degrees and 100% humidity... is trying to piss AND not pass out from heat exhaustion at the same time.
  16. undies

    undies Active Member

    So, what is the harassment language?
  17. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Not sure, try to avoid being harassed.
  18. undies

    undies Active Member

    From what I've read there doesn't seem to be anything new. Under the new 9.5 language there is some mention of retaliation...but no real general statements on harassment.
  19. balland chain

    balland chain Member

    I think the reason there may not be any language on harassment is because UPS most likely refuses to acknowledge that MGMT does it at all..
  20. bmwmc

    bmwmc Active Member

    Harassment, intimidation, coercion, intentional misrepresenting work performance are institutionalized as management tools for management tools. They get away with it because the union allows it.

    ​ Case closed.