Not cut out for this Loading Life

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ScorpionQueen, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I had the hardest time staying motivated when I first started preload, was on the verge of quitting many times, now 32 years later I’m glad I didn’t. Looking back, it gets easier with each passing month, hang in there!
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  3. Box Ox

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    I thought about quitting all the time as a preloader. What PTers who actually quit might not realize is that those thoughts are completely normal and don't mean it's time for you to leave.
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    This job will test your patience. Just know that adversity produces character, and character will produce endurance and then finally you have hope.
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    Ive loaded about 1500-2000 a day for the last 2 years and yes it does get easier. Just make sure you are eating enough (especially protein) and take a multivitamin. I have one of the heaviest trucks in my hub and I still manage to make it to the gym a few days a week. It’s all mind set, if you tell yourself it’s too hard then it will be. The hardest part is not wanting to throw boxes at my supervisors walking by not doing :censored2:.

    And just remember no matter how messy your pd is near the end of your shift, it’s not your problem.
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    PD0000xx 0010
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    Yeah, working 4 hours a day tends to leave a lot of time for other activities.

    It is your problem. It’s literally your job. It used to piss me off to no end when I was a loader and half the PD would sneak out when the belts turned off and we were still blown up. It turned a 30 minute wrap up into an hour+. I’m sure your coworkers love you.
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    Yeah my post had nothing to do with it being 4 hours? I was saying your body will get used to the workload and you’ll leave feeling good enough to potentially do things like go to the gym. I also work 55 hours a week. You know my life right?

    By the way I’m the loader on my pd who stays to clean up and consistently pulls in the highest numbers. But when ups is trying to reach unrealistic numbers, it’s inevitable. As long as we load 300 an hour, it is not our problem if our pd is a :censored2: show.

    Is everyone on this site old and grumpy?
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    This job isn’t for everybody.. you have to be in real need to do the whole preload hub work.. it’s trash pay with benefits. You can get something else and be happier and your body won’t fall apart..

    Unless you want to sign a prison sentence as a driver... miserable work.. ok money, great benefits.
  13. Yeet

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    Yeah I highly doubt it.

    Again, I doubt it.

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    No job? The dude who went to trade school instead of college is making 100k a year!
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    I have been doing the 2 job thing for 23 years. Started in my 40's now I am 65 . 20 more working days and I am outta here .This s--t is getting old they tried to kill me last night.
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  16. olroadbeech

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    It's all worth it. Been retired 5 years and love everyday of it. especially when pension gets directly deposited into bank account.
  17. PT Stewie

    PT Stewie "Big Fella"

    The PT pension will be deposited into Stewie's golf, fishing and take the wifey out to dinner account LOL. Tossing next day air lazer printers on the top air belt (over my shoulders) is getting real old .
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    26 and you cant take it? Move on give the job. To some one who can do. It. Dont bow your. Head at least you tried.
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    Sadly I don’t think the @ScorpionQueen made it

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