Not Drinking Enough water!!!

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  1. Last 2 drivers that have their yearly safety rides, have been wrote up for not drinking enough water!!!! If we are going to be forced to drink a certain amount of water,,,,, shouldn't to company be forced to supply the water!!! I'm all for getting a little frig put in the back of Big Brown!!!! I could drink water in the mornings and switch over to beer later in the afternoon!!! Kinda take the edge off of a hard day!!
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    When you are with a supervisor drink water all day and piss all day. It's not rocket science. My next ride I'm going to shotgun the water. If he wants me to bong it I will we all need a good cleansing. I know this place makes me feel dirty all the time.
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    they are required to write you up for something on a safety ride, might as well be water..
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    Had a PCM last week about drinking enough water and if we get dizzy or light headed don't just grab a quick Gatorade or something pull off find a nice air conditioned area and stay there until you feel better. Someone then asked how to code that time and the center manager said break lol
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    It doesnt matter how perfectly you do your job. You could follow every single safety procedure down to the gnats ass, and it wouldnt make a difference. They have to justify the ride, and the only way for them to do that is to meet their quota of items to write you up for. Generally the rule of thumb has always been that they have to check off 6 things on each side of the OJS form that you did wrong. If you dont do anything wrong, they will simply make stuff up. None of it matters. The entire process is simply a formality, they are filling out forms for the sake of filling out forms and nothing else. There is a filing cabinet somewhere in my building and in that cabinet is a file with my name on it that has 25 years worth of paper stuffed in it. That is a quarter of a century's worth of meaningless OJS forms that have absolutely no value...other than possibly being useful to line a bird cage or wrap fish with when I retire someday.
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    Drink more water, and take more bathroom breaks. If that is what UPS requests, let them have their cake and eat it.

    You know your body and you know your own limits (hopefully). What I say is, don't tell them how foolish the writing-up was, demonstrate it.
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    Gnats R pretty small so either u have superman vision or u need 2 increase your eye lead time . There is no way I could see a gnat 8-12 seconds away so I can't follow that one.

    Seriously though. It's important 2 properly hydrate before work and then maintain during work. I see people waiting till they get heat signals and start slamming down water but by then it's to late and just causes alot of bathroom trips and quezzy.

    Soon, we will have measurements marked on our water bottles so they can check our water intake periodicly.
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    Canned, Carbonated water. Sounds like a $ maker. Just shake, stab bottom with UPS pen and slam it.
    Management approved for time allowance in hydration.

    Note; only to be used while parked.

    "The INSTADRATER" , look 4 it now @ Walmart.

    BUUURP !!

    I hate Walmart, it's so anti-american so order it online and pick UPS for shipping. We need the stops. LoL
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    The last ride along I had, he wrote me up for lack of water intake. I refused to sign off. I explained that dt. pepsi was pretty much water except for a few extra ingredients. If the wanted a letter from the doctor that states what I need to drink and when, I would be VERY HAPPY to accommodate. But, we would be headed down slippery slope of accommodations. Does he want to go that route? My on-car and I looked at each other for several very long and tense seconds. He withdrew the comment.
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    The on-car was correct in that you were not drinking enough water. Rather than refuse to sign the form why didn't you sign it and then at the bottom write a statement expressing your opinion on the benefits of Diet Pepsi over water.

    Why does everything have to be a battle for you?
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    The battle was I wasn't doing anything wrong. I drink about 2 gallons of water at home. I hydrate more than anyone anywhere because I have 1 functional kidney. If I can prevent a write up from going in my file in the first place, why is that a bad thing?
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    What would happen if a driver started to have lightheadedness right about the time he is supposed to start pickups? Takes a much needed water/shade break, starts pickups outside the stated times? Is it a safety, service, or just too much management problem?
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    Because not everyone's a sheep like you.
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    Would you rather spend 30 years fighting a nearly daily battle or would you rather fight the battles that need fighting?

    Refusing to sign a simple OJS which correctly stated that she didn't drink enough water during the day simply to keep the form out of her file is not a battle worth fighting. Sign the form and then write a statement of clarification at the bottom.
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    Why complicate things, just simply put RTS. Management doesn't have the energy to fight a 30 year battle about water intake, if you believe that your delusional. If they do decide to battle with that driver for 30 years, those managers would be long gone for harassment.

    Do you think those going over that employees file a.) Give a rats about water intake b.) Are going to waste the time making sure enough water is drank on a daily basis and c.) Give a rats about the explanation written on the bottom?

    Simple solution. RTS.
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    I'm sorry, aren't you just a casual driver?
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    Well aren't you just elite.

    What is considered adequate levels of water consumption as per UPS standards?
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    6-8 8oz glasses.