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  1. dei8

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    I know we have covered this subject a lot, but here are some more that have been bothering me lately

    1. Large office buildings/stores, that get a ton of deleviries, with one dock

    2. Food delivery guys that take the one spot on the dock, making you wait

    3. DHL drivers taking 3 envelopes in, taking the spot

    4. People that need to chat with you on an elevator. I mean, how much can you say for three floors.

    5. people that try and "click" the diad pen. For the life of me, I never would have guessed a simple thing like a diad pen could confuse people.

    6. People that cant figure out that you have to press a little for their sig to come out on the diad. They are the ones that always say that diad doesnt work.

    7. People with wet hands or with food all over their hands, signing. If you handed them the diad that way, I bet they would not touch it.

    These are just a few. Just wanted to see if other people feel the same way, of if I am just crazy lol
  2. toonertoo

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    People who still are writing checks.
    You take 5 minutes and go pull all of the sh#t out of your truck since they tell you "yes I have the check", and once you get it on the porch, they want it on the back porch, and they still have not begun writing the freakin check, and then the phone rings and all progress stops. Especially yours..............
    I hate that people have no sense of urgency, or is it just no sense?
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    Presently my pet peeve is my preloader who puts huge packages on the shelf and then the whole back wall of that shelf is plastered with letters, small boxes standing upright with their labels facing the wall. You spend a good time of the early day until the packages start spreading out, just looking for that one package that your board says is in the truck. Geez!!! I know, I know, it's a hard job with a lot of time pressure, but come on now! Yeah, I know, this is old news.
  4. browniehound

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    Helen, but the PAL says to put ot there!!!! Why should we expect them to use a brain cell and put it in a more logical place? I say blame UPS for dumbing down the job to the point that the idiots loading the trucks make the people who thought of this preload systems look dumber than than the loaders themselves.

    I get it all the time. A zone of 25 packages PALed for 3425 loaded on the shelf, but the rest of section 3000 is thrown on the floor because he ran out of room on the shelf????
  5. Miss Victoria

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    Office personelle who are being trained on equipement by some guy they can't understand and who WON'T take 3 seconds to sign for a delivery.

    Which end can I sign with?

    A city, that for some reason, currently seems to be fascinated with the idea of tiny roundabouts that a p5 can't make (270 degree turn around a 2metre radius)

    pedestrians who look down at the road when they cross the street
  6. Griff

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    NR1, see you tomorrow.
  7. Dirty Savage

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    Any package that requires a signature, especially annoying when you could easily driver release it.

    Supervisors who get on you about your shoes not being shined. For the record, in my 3.5 years at UPS I have NEVER shined my shoes.

    Dogs. The bane of my existence. I have only been bitten once, thank god, and that was by a three-legged chihuaha (spelling?).

    P500's. Like, seriously, no power steering! I don't mind driving a standard transmission at all, but the no power steering thing just blows my mind. Such a pain in the ass to park. Especially annoying when you read the UPS magazine and see articles about the millions of dollars being spent to outfit UPS Brazil or someplace with hydrogen-cell green vehicles. Yeah, and we're driving these crapboxes that all the other couriers laugh at.

    Bulk stops of any kind. If there's a nice loading dock that's fine, but dragging a pile of crap up to an 8th floor office is not fun. I see those pictures of UPSers in Hong Kong drivng around on their motorcycles delivering nothing but envelopes all day and I am green with envy.

    People who do not hold the door open for you when you are carrying/wheeling a lot of stuff. Like, how rude! If I had a dollar for every time this has happened to me I would not be working for a living.

    Not being allowed to have a radio in the truck. We used to be able to have a radio, well, not really but management looked the other way on this, but a couple of summers ago some dude in Alberta went to lunch one day and his battery-powered radio short circuited and subsequently burned his truck down. Management is of the opinion that radios are a distraction to drivers. Yeah, well, it's better than talking to yourself all day.

    I don't know how it is elsewhere, but here if you want to wear shorts in the summer you have to wear official UPS socks, which cost $4 a pair! What a scam!

    But my number 1 pet peeve is brokerage fees. God I hate them. I hate collecting money period for one thing, I hate getting screamed at 20 times a day, I hate trying to explain why these fees are what they are because I have never gotten a logical answer from any level of management. I find myself telling people that, if an out of country shipper uses UPS, just don't buy the product. How sad is that?

  8. Harry Manback

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    I love it when some random nimrod walks up to you, while you're sitting inside somewhere eating your lunch and says, "Hey, do you have a pkg for me?" :mad: First of all, don't "Hey" me, you don't know me that well. Second of all, can you not see that I'm eating? If I were on the crapper, would you bust door down in a desperate attempt to get your hands on that case of Xango Juice? Thirdly, who the hell are you ? The reply is usually "Joe Scmoe." That helps a ton. How's about a street address? After determining you don't have it, the response is, "Are you sure? They said UPS was going to deliver it. Maybe you could go check your truck for me.." Or maybe you could pucker up and kiss my.... I love our customers, but imbeciles piss me off.:thumbup1:
  9. I get very annoyed with cluster mail boxes. I drive 5 miles down a dead end road and find the add I am looking for on a mail box with 3 other boxes. NONE of the houses at the end of this road have their 911 address posted on their house! How in the heck am supposed to know which house to deliver too. Oh yea, I can read minds.
    Another one is when consignee is home and I know they are because I can hear them in the house and I need a signature and they won't answer the damn door!
  10. samiam

    samiam I wish, there for I am?

    Not being allowed to have a radio in the truck. We used to be able to have a radio, well, not really but management looked the other way on this, but a couple of summers ago some dude in Alberta went to lunch one day and his battery-powered radio short circuited and subsequently burned his truck down. Management is of the opinion that radios are a distraction to drivers. Yeah, well, it's better than talking to yourself all day.

    There is no way I would do this job without a radio. I would go insane.


    Dock delivery, 15 workers around, and only one guy can sign, and he is on the othere side of the building.

    Small 3 empleyee business, and the OWNER will not sign, says 'find the receving guy'

    Daid IV. Did they put this to any use before giving it to us. It is great but one thing, the damn sig. button is always pressed by cust. when they go to sign. And I know all DIAD IV users have heard this...'I think I presssed something' !???!

    Batters going dead in my radio and not having any back ups.

    Utility drivers treating my truck like a trash can when I'm out. I find out who they are and tell not to f'up my truck.

    Any resi or retail del. I don't have them, but hate doing them when I help out my fellow drivers.

    There a a lot of good things too. I'll find a post to reply on that also.
  11. GuyinBrown

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    I must admit, locking out every button on the diad EXCEPT the one button that naturally fits right under the thumb of a right handed person was absolutely brilliant. :thumbup1:
  12. Ms Spoken

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    Pull up to a resi and people are standing there and will not walk out to the drive to get their pkg. When I was younger and UPS would pull up to my parents house my father would yell at me to get outside and get that pkg because that man has work to do.

    Another peeve that you can have fun with is when you see your sup in his personal car following you. This is how it played out yesterday:

    1. Saw my sup following me.

    2. My next stop was down a rock road at least 5 miles one way.

    3. Pull UPS truck to the edge of customers driveway and sup behind me about a mile comes over the hill and locks his brakes then hits the gas to go on by me. Walk off the stop, start truck (sup at this time is sitting in the driveway of another house) sup pulls his truck out in front of me so I would not see him. So I just back into the customers driveway and head the other direction and lost the sup.

    4. 5 min later I get a mesg that says "Where can XXX leave a pkg for you to pick up and delv." I type back, "He just passed me why didn't he give to me then"

    5. four stops later sup was waiting for me and he wanted to chit chat. What a bunch of BS and a waist of time for UPS and mine. I made that delv and took the box from him and told him my next stop that way he could find me. I told him that this was not my FIRST RODEO and all he could say was good job. That was the most excitement I have had in a long time since I'm mostly a country driver.
  13. browniehound

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    WOW, I guess you sure told him,lol.
  14. UPS Lifer

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    Dirty Savage,
    Shine your shoes!:w00t::w00t::w00t::lol::lol::lol:
  15. DS

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    You pull up to a blockbuster store,with one dvd to deliver,the front door is 12 feet from your pkg car,as you go in some guy comes out and says
    are you gonna be long?.
  16. under the radar

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    Maybe it's time to look for other work.
  17. dei8

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    Wow, a lot of other pet peeves, makes me feel better knowing I am not crazy. I think most of these are not I hate my job type of pet peeves, more of a i hate the situation. I completely forgot to mention the one about people refusing to sign, like your handing them a bomb, or its beneath them to sign. Like dont you know who I am, let the secretary or reciever sign. And by the way, the Wet hands one is really rocketing to the top of my list. I started wearing gloves lately when doing my apt. del. I always hoped it was water, but now with the gloves not so bad lol
  18. lost

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    On the shoe shining thing you know when you are dealing with customers, Yeah ok maybe but how about an inside PT/sup who NEVER sees a customer getting sh** for not shining their shoes? Yeah sure I am here to impress the boxes...
  19. 705red

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    Sam its in the contract you are allowed a radio!

    When you set the diad on the desk in front of the secretary and hand her the pen, when shes done signing she just throws it on the desk, i would like her to hand it back to me!
  20. mittam

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    Exactly Red, We have some people that just toss the pen aside. I did tell one school secretary the pen comes back to me not just tossed aside. Oh, that was after it fell on the floor her side of the counter. Or the people that you present the board to and always try to turn it around. Then they finally sign and want to turn it around handing it back to you.