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  1. whiskers

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    I am a PT package handler on our PM sort that signed up for driver helper. Today I was called to go "jump" for a driver and I did that, but when I got to the sort my sup said i have to go home after only 30 mins of sort-time. I asked for my 3.5 and was told i've already gone over my gurantee. I've looked through my handbook and all I found is "Must be able to perform inside duties." The thing is i met with our main building steward before jumping today and he told me that driver helping does not count toward my 3.5 gurantee, but my sup and center manager says otherwise. So who is right? Guys on preload get to work over 3.5 and then jump for another 4hrs sometimes, while us on the PM side 3.5 is not only the guranteed minimum but also the MAXIMUM. (we're told that if its close to your 3.5 start heading for the time-clock)
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    tommorow get a grievance and put in for your hours do it every day
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    I'm ashamed to finally admit that I am scared to file a grievance in fear of retaliation. We have a new center manager and he came in made a bunch of changes flexing his muscles, and told everyone on the local sort that if we go to the union before using his "open door policy" he will come after us, not a threat but a promise.
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    I would reconsider filing that grievance. They don't have to let you work the "driver helper" job, take what you can get as far as the hours go, but you may find those hours disappearing if you file that grievance. Also, I've heard that your supervisor can reserve you for your "main" job. For example; if driver-helping would interfere with the hours you are suppose to work as a package handler, your "main" job as a package handler takes priority and can disqualify you from driver-helping.
  5. menotyou

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    Your job title is metro. Not helper. If he is unwilling to be reasonable, then file the grievance. Only you can stand up for you.
  6. YouKnowWhoIam

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    The only thing to fear is fear itself...don't be intimidated.
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    They all come in trying to reinvent the wheel and flex their muscle. Once you have gone through so many you have lost count, this show of force will lose it's desired effect.
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    dont be a wuss , file the paperwork .
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    My helper works the metro and has never had his inside hours shorted due to his helper hours. The only constraint that I have when I use him is that he has to be off the road in time to work the sort.

    This is a tough one--if you do file the grievance there is a good chance that you will not be asked to jump, even though one has nothing to do with the other. I would go to work a few minutes early today and use your center manager's "open door policy" to discuss this. Tell him that you want the hours that you were shorted.
  10. menotyou

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    I would bet a dollar his center manager has absolutely no integrity whatsoever. I have met his kind. The door is open so he can inform you that if you go to the union, retaliation will follow.
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    It sounds to me as the center manager has the "little Hitler" issue. Sadly, We have all seen his type in our years at UPS. I would use his open door policy to let him know you need the extra money that being a helper provides. Tell him you respectfully disagree with his decision to limit your hours and you would like him to ask his division manager or labor guy for clarification.

    I'm betting that all of the above posters comments are right about helpers hours as extra and your reload or local sort hours are etched in stone unless you agree to other arrangements.
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    you should be ashamed .
  13. rocket man

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    you have over 4000 post,s on this I really wonder who you are and whos side your on,
  14. UPSER110

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    Your Steward is correct, don't believe what your sup or center manager ever says in regards to the contract. Helping hours do not count towards your guarantee. I also work the PM. I go out an help all day then start my shift at 18:30 or 19:00. Helping never affected my regular work duties. Also helping is offered in seniority order. The hours worked as a helper do not count towards the part-time over time (5hrs +) but if you get a combined 40 hours for the week anything in excess of 40 is time and a half.
  15. whiskers

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    This is how I felt about it also.

    I went to my steward and he said he'll have a talk with the center manager, THEN if I have to I will file.
  16. TheKid

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    Grieve it
  17. menotyou

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    ?? Why on earth would you think you can even try and call me out?? Really? Who are you?
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    Ron Carey " part- time Americe won't work".
  19. PT Stewie

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    The bull sh_get sups and managers make up the rules and lies as they go grieve it and make them pay
  20. grgrcr88

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    Grievance retaliation is against the law. If you can get someone to back up your claim you should put that quote on paper and take it to your Bussiness agent. Don't let the copany push you around, if they see thay can they will!!