Peak Incompetency

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    As usual, management seems to be handling peak from a budgetary perspective, instead of a logical one that maximizes service and profit. For example, my local market is getting way more freight than forecast, but management is sitting on their hands counting pennies. Per my RTD contacts at the ramp, because they are so concerned about hours, dozens of cans sit every morning waiting on RTDs to move them. Nobody is starting early, even though the need is obvious. Dollars trump the operation.

    Conversely, the local stations are starting people early in order to get a jump on the freight, so one aspect of the operation is not talking to the other. Nothing new there.

    What is new is the pure helplessness and insanity that Memphis has thrown upon the already operationally-challenged management. By allowing them no flexibility in scheduling, they shoot themsleves in the foot every day. Late freight to the stations means late packages, Code 1's, and late CTV's and shuttles returning to the ramp in the PM.

    Common sense...down the toilet. It's all about cutting hours and shaving costs, even during peak.

    Once this cluster is over watch for a return to The Plan big-time. Any of you who think that there has been a major deviation are dreaming. It's just a temporary slowdown because they were ill-equipped to make it happen.

    Utter incompetence...every day.
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    customer service(tech connect) got emails and briefings today about the buyouts and what fedex is offering..we will know more Feb 15th... Crazy how during peak where they have been mandating reps daily they would announce this
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    You are probably right, to bad people like you waste their talents and don't accept added responsibilities of going into management to better your company.
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    FedEx doesn't want people who think, they want people who will comply with directives from above. Someone like me would be a square peg in a round hole in Express management because it is a mutual admiration society full of incompetents who need to be called-out and terminated. People who tell it like it is don't last long. That's a shame, because those are precisely the kind of managers needed to bring sanity back into the equation.
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    Right, nothing new to biz, that's how almost all places work. Why are you wasting your time thinking about it?

    If that is what makes you sleep better at night. There are plenty of couriers that climb the ranks in both companies and have made their impacts felt. You are so not the only one with a better way. But like anything, it's a group think tank and everyone gets to play. It's not a dictatorship at that point of management. Do you really think at a basic level that people don't understand what you are saying and see the same things?

    And the only difference between their incompetency and yours is they actually applied for the job, while you easily sit back and criticize, the easiest job in the world.

    I have a job opportunity for anyone with Javascript/NetSuite background, 80K right now, if you are experienced, this is a good job here. Are you ready for that Mr. Fedex? Or did you decide I'm going this far in my career and will just complain from there, blame all those above me as stupid and incompetent, while I didn't take the extra time to better myself?

    But seriously if someone out there has the ability above... PM me.

    You are so full of yourself, there are so many that get what you get. People do "tell it like it is", but your ideas like any ideas will be questioned and tested and many times at face value those "easy to see issues" become more complex when tested. What then? Do you throw a tantrum? Do you become one of the incompetent? You do not have all the variables at your position today to truly know what can work and what cannot. Then if your idea passed the smell tests, then it's at least a year long drive to make it happen affecting 1000's, this isn't tidly winks here. The idea maybe sound but you have to be able to organize and make it so to.

    As for the tech job, you don't have to worry about those types of things (politics), just technically know how. So there are two paths you can go, one the BS way (which you feel you inherently have, we all do), the other a technical no BS way, you do or you do not. You seem to like the no BS way, but haven't applied yourself. What are you expecting?

    I wish I could tell you everything is simple, problems are easy to spot, but more importantly easy to fix. But if you were there in the position to make a difference, you would understand there is a bit more to it. I think this is as common as commerce is itself.
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    Whatever. Glad you are the absolute authority on this matter Mr. Expert. I'm simply pointing-out that FedEx Express in incompetently managed. The fact that I choose not to be a part of the "solution" is irrelevant. If you were familiar with management politics at FedEx you'd be qualified to offer a knowledgable opinion...but you aren't.

    Usually, Fedex managers hire their buddies so someone will be there to have their back when things go wrong. Fedex spends a ton every year flying management candidates around to interviews where they have no chance of getting the job. The local suck-ass has it in the bag because he's been working off the clock, ratting-out fellow employees, and otherwise doing management's bidding. That's the ops manager level. At the senior level it isn't much different. They want hit men (and women) who will ruthlessly play the numbers game and make the senior look good. Now, it's budget over service by a wide margin, so budget lackeys who also brown-nose are the preferred choices.

    Those of us that actually work here see the games, the waste, and the crap every day. I'm sure that it's similar to other companies in some respects, but FedEx has a very unique culture, one with which you are totally unfamiliar.

    I'm glad you "know" so much about me. From earlier posts, I have "applied' myself to a higher point than you have educationally. As I've said before, I make my real money from what I do on the side, not FedEx.
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    Dime a dozen thoughts, honestly you are offering nothing new.

    I think it's the most important part. All you do is bitch and moan about your job and how those above you are making it terrible, but then want no part of putting your keen intellect in place to better said company and its workers. Selfish, dime a dozen thoughts.

    You are full of excuses. I'm sure Fedex has their share of that and others that have zero ties making their way up. Common everywhere. If you feel it's all friends, learn how to network, that is basic training in management courses and how you use that to get things done and to propel yourself. Not being a miserable :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: to everyone around you, that is climbing your way to the bottom.

    You have. The job I mentioned I turned down today, I have something better. My education was opening "Compute Magazine" at age 12 learning basic coding. That turned into a career at 20 and been going for decades ever since. I'm one of those guys that gets by on experience vs college. Things have a few ways to work themselves out. I don't know what demon is inside of you holding you back, to get out of the level you are at so you can find peace and success for yourself. I do wish all jobs could be fulfilling, well paid and everything making sense. But this is how it is world wide, so do you live in denial or reality?
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    Good for you. I have little interest in a tech career. I like working outside and would go nuts being a programmer or IT person. And you're also right about experience vs. college. There are plenty of folks who don't need or want a degree. I went to college because I wanted to be well-rounded and because I enjoyed intellectual pursuits. I always knew I couldn't work in an office because I like operating machinery, seeing something besides a cubilcle wall, and meeting different people. When I was younger, I loved this job, because it was a terrific opportunity, and for all the women I met. I like what I do, but I don't like the way FedEx micromanages me...or tries to. The "demon" inside of me is rage against the Fred Smiths of this world....people who don't have to play by the rules and then use their power to oppress little people like me. That's the reality of FedEx.
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    That is true, it's a harsh reality like that most places. But what can we expect? Business gave 3/4's of our mfg jobs away and then used that against us as our wage scale is too high vs unfair, human-less rights, competition. Sickening. You don't have to go tech, you can go into management, you can go into sales, that gets you out and about. It would have been nice and it should have been nice, a wage scale that kept climbing, perks that grew instead of being stripped almost completely, because that is how successful economies are built. But the powers did cheat us, but now how do you find your happy place? I'll state you this, it's even better being satisfied with your employment and bitching about power.
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    Here's an example of FedEx corporate culture. Perhaps others on here have had similar experiences. Let's say a Memphis big-shot is coming to town, and he's staying for a few days. I'm going to use MT3 as an example, but it's the same for the others up top.

    1. Advance notice goes out and all of the stations undergo a major housekeeping initiative. Trucks get washed, supplies get put away, and order replaces chaos. Local management heads to Men's Wearhouse or JC Penney to buy new outfit.

    2. MT3 arrives on the corporate jet at the ramp. All of the local seniors are there at zero dark thirty, the earliest they have been up in years, in the new "power suit" of the day. The great god descends from his aircraft and enters the Ass-Kissing Zone. It's like the Pope is in town, and the Pope doesn't like to hear or see any bad news. Meetings ensue, at which time MT3 dispenses MEM wisdom and new demands. Everyone agrees and is down with the program, even if it's stupid, will lose money, or piss-off hourlies. Disagreement not permitted.

    3. MT3 visits pre-selected local station with Security contingent surrounding his Popeness. There is a "station meeting" with only pre-scripted questions allowed, Canned answers ensue. Lots of hands are shaken and BS dispensed. Lots of shiny new cheap suits and ill-fitting ties. Uncle Matt leaves after about an hour and heads to another station where the same thing happens. Nobody dares to disagree with anything Matt says because they know that Corporate Death will ensue.

    4. Big breakfast meeting next morning with most of the management "team". More dog and pony baloney about cutting hours and squeezing more profit out of hourlies. "Ground is good" and sectrets are shared regarding the future of Ground and the decline of Express. Major ass-kissing and brown-nosing ensues after meeting. The Pope is awesome, and everybody agrees with what he has to say.

    5. Mini-motorcade back to ramp, where brie and steak await Matt in the corporate jet. More hand shaking, brown-nosing, and agreement on the direction the company is headed. Jet takes off, to Chicago and home for the weekend.

    6. Back to business as usual. the Pope's visit accomplishes nothing, costs thousands, and nobody utters a peep about how effed-up it is.

    Life at FedEx.
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    I'd been asked a couple of times to go into mgmt training but said not interested. Really angered one senior mgr back in the early 90's. Had a different view of mgmt back then, actually respected most of them. Watching what the company has devolved into I'm comfortable with the choice I made. Experiencing the lies and manipulations first hand I'm thankful I'm not a mgr who's in a position where he feels in order to keep his job and take care of his family he has to do such things. So why not go into something else? For quite awhile FedEx was a reasonable job for me until they stopped giving raises. Quit and tried something else, didn't work out. Came to realization that in my late 30's didn't know anything but courier work, didn't have the money for training, and FedEx was willing to take me back. Was happy and grateful to be back, but geez did they beat it out of me. Tut, easy to say that we make excuses, etc but we've had front row seats to the spectacle FedEx has become. We've worked hard, like the work, just like firemen, cops, military, there's something about this job that sticks with you, keeps you coming back. Anyone who moves on to another career was never a true courier, it was just something to do. More power to you, but we like the job, and are protesting how difficult FedEx has made it to hang on to the job. We've been treated like second class citizens by the company we've worked so hard to make successful. We've been deserted by politicians and union organizers. And yet we hang on. You're into computers so safe to say you think logically. To stay with FedEx defies logic, because they don't deserve our loyalty. It's about heart, it's about being on the road. FedEx the job is a great thing, and FedEx the company would do well to pay their debt to those who do the job.
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    This could be a ups thread too.
    Holy crap! Christmas? Again?
    It seems like this happens a lot.