picking up more hours as part time package handler?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by dpearman, May 22, 2012.

  1. dpearman

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    I've got a "group session" Wednesday morning after expressing interest in the part-time package handler position. I currently work full-time at a technology company, our logo is a fruit with a bite taken out of it if you know what I mean, and I'm just looking for a little more cash on the side in addition to giving me something to do. My question is, outside of the possible 4-8am or so, would I be able to pick up additional hours throughout the week? My shifts at my main job vary, so I'd be available some evenings as well.


  2. GroundSwitcher

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    Depending on where you are, there is a possibility of getting extra hours after you have proven yourself to be an extraordinarily hard worker..
    Where I work, people who can do whatever is needed are sometimes allowed to work the OTP shift (11pm-3am) when extra bodies are needed on that shift.
    I would ask this question in your upcoming sort observation to get a more accurate answer though.
    Good Luck
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    At my location you get all the extra hours you want, and some you dont. For some reason our facility is always under staffed...right now we are 9 short for the 5-10pm shift, and I know they are a couple short on the AM as well...They dont care if your an extraordinary worker, as long as your a warm body that can lift a package then they will take you. Although its never been quite this bad, being short handed has been a regular occurance for well over a year. Like GS said, it depends on where you work though.