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    I had the 24-hour flu yesterday, but I decided to make it the 48-hour flu instead, so now I can write a tome about "professionalism". I'll start with my illness. 10 years ago, I never would have dreamed of extending sick time, because I felt an obligation to both my employer and my customers to be back as soon as possible, because nobody could service them like me. Besides, I was a valuable member of a team, right? Obviously, that is no longer the case.

    Lately, we're starting to get PowerPad messages and pep-talks about being professional. Wonder why that is? Might it possibly have something to do with the fact that most people no longer care about customer service AND all of our wonderful high-quality new hires? You bet it does, and rather than do something meaningful about it, FedEx management will "solve" the problem with slogans and maybe even a new acronym.

    Here's an example. One of our new hires brought-in a truck full of FedEx, UPS, USPS and GROUND along with his Express freight because he was too stupid (and poorly trained) to make a distinction between them. Hey, they all had barcodes, right? He was running behind, tossed it all in the truck, and figured he could scan it all at a coding party back at the station. Management was not pleased.

    We have courier/handlers running full routes, which isn't supposed to happen. Think someone with a bare minimum of training can be professional? Uh, no. Are customers getting quality service? As I have always said, Fred is finally getting what he pays for, but what has changed in this equation is that the rest of the underpaid mid-range and below employees no longer give a crap because they've figured out they're getting a screwing. Sure, there are still a few gung-ho types that bleed purple, but most people are in survival mode these days. When some new corporate dictate comes out or MT3 bleats about something on Frontline or in a memo, it is either ignored or openly laughed-at. In a corporate culture where you mean nothing to the upper management "team", most people act accordingly and provide an effort commensurate with their pay, treatment, and working conditions. All of the Purple Promise, PSP and other hype that worked in the past, has stopped working. Memphis, being clueless and stupid, continues to press-on with the same old shat, perhaps freshened and repackaged, but still smelling bad and being rejected by most employees.

    As others have said, and I've been saying for quite awhile, Express is becoming Ground, which is what corporate wants from a pay perspective. However, they still want Express employees to go "above and beyond' like they always did in the past, but for less money. Good luck with that. The turnover rates and customer complaints indicate otherwise. And our wonderful Call Centers just add fuel to the fire with their sheer incompetence, overloading domestic employees in Dispatch and Customer Service because they don't have a clue in San Salvador. Most of them don't even understand how a package moves through the Express system, and frequently confuse the opcos. Oh, and when the problem gets shifted over to a US location, there aren't enough CSAs or Dispatchers available to deal with the issue because they've slashed personnel.

    How about our uniforms? I'm seeing stuff come out of peoples closets from the 90's, which looks great when the courier has gained 20 lbs or if the rags they are wearing have holes, oil stains, or are just faded to a shade of light blue. A lot of couriers look like they work for Bangladesh Express considering the rags they wear. Professional? Hardly. What message does it send to a customer when their courier looks like a bum?

    Finally...Ground. Running trucks, sloppy uniforms, nosed-in to residentials and docks. The list goes on and on. It's pretty hard to look at the average Ground driver and think "professional". These bums have done a great deal to take a formerly middle-class profession and drive it down to the level of a WalMart job. And Memphis is OK with that, because to them, we do the same job. This speaks volumes about the ignorance of our leadership, which needs to be replaced. The best thing that could ever happen to FedEx would be to have Fred, Matt, and Dave disappear on a 3-hour cruise to one of their private islands. To them, all that matters is jacking-up the stock. Screw the employee, screw the customer, and pretend that we're all just one big happy, dedicated FedEx family.

    We're a "family" all that belongs on the Jerry Springer Show.
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    That's true. Did you have anything else to say? :)

    Ok on a more serious note... I've been wanting to write this for a bit, trying to find a spot, this is as good a lead in as needed.

    Our last review of "The Carriers", I've been bullish stating the carriers and services have been close enough. We can now see Express is sliding some and to be honest, Ground is the better service. It's better in pickup and moving through your systems.
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    MrFedEx, me and one of my cronies read this post of yours during lunch today. We both agreed you hit the nail on the head in every category. But sadly the clueless Memphis elite will never change. They will however cause the whole thing to self-explode one day. I'd bet the farm on it.
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    Oh, that's grand...
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    Isn't it? Nothing like a customer telling you their Ground packages have been sitting there for 4 days because they won't come and pick them up.

    You're so full of crap TUT.
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    Well said, MFE. What a truly sad, pathetic place this has become. Never would have thought it could happen
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    Lol. Yep. We're all Ground now.

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    Nothing to be proud of that's for sure.
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    Ah, but finally you begin to see how true it is.
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    You can believe what you want, but then again you can be talking different level of customers, which I didn't state in the post, I have in the past. Perhaps smaller shippers have pickup issues. I'm talking into trailer level size customers.

    I think you guys have built a wall between you and sales from reading posts here. But if you can overcome whatever issues those are, ask them kindly how things are looking for larger customers between the two. Let me add, they also are agreeing with me (#'s, reported issues don't lie) and they do have some concerns as to what is going on, their Cadillac is breaking down some.

    Do some math as well, you guys come on here spelling gloom and doom for Express, but then you want to defend it. If it is as bad as you say for your customers and then if ground was even a lot worse than that... There would be no company.
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    Exactly. We won't be Ground until we kill more drivers and pedestrians. If you look on the FMCSA site, Ground killed 30 of their own drivers last year and Express lost 7. That doesn't count the civilian carnage. You must be really proud, Sammy.
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    We aren't talking about pride. We are talking about fact. We are what we are no matter what blow that may be to you ego.
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    You're right. 30 dead drivers IS a fact. My pride and ego have long since left the building, Elvis.
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    You were alot more fun when you still had fight in you. Now you're just a bitter has been shell of what could have been.
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    I'm a realist. Scorched Earth policy from now on until I leave.
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    You've been "leaving" for a couple years now.
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    I'll leave when I want to leave. Are you going to bring-up the moderator deal again? Let it lie.
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    Nope. I'm bringing up your realty business an exit plan that you've touted over and over.
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    I'll get out. In the meantime, I'll keep dispensing truth and justice here.
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    Shoot BB, it'll get awfully boring around here if that day comes.