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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by supercool, May 8, 2007.

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    I've been a PT sorter at a hub for two years, and am wondering what kind of changes I'll see with the new contract. I started at UPS because I was interested in the company more than anything, not because of the benefits/bad pay/etc. Now I'm coming to the point where I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to stay at the company (I'm in school, so it helps pay for that), or find other employment. What kind of pay increases can we PTers expect (if any)? Thanks.
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    The new contract is a little over one year away (July 31, 08)
    If I were you, I would stay in school, use the tuition reimbursement for all it's worth and make a decision in 08.
    I don't think anyone knows what to expect at contract time. Hoffa may pull his usual tricks of giving us the world and then making cuts later on.
    You have the luxury of being able to walk away if things don't suit your needs.....alot of us aren't so lucky.

    If you decide to stay, PLEASE get your degree before going FT package car. You can go FT can't finish your degree anytime.
    Good Luck.
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    Well you have been there 2 years you will get no raise in August when everyone else gets a size able raise. You need to take a good look at the 4 pay tiers UPS currently has with the part-timers, this is wrong, there are PTers making 2x the amount you make to do the same job and they are getting a raise makes you jump for joy right, WRONG this is WRONG PTers have been screwed by company and union and need to take a stand to get the pay they deserve e3specially for the job you people have to do everyday.
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    We, as in part timers are hanging ourselves. At last months union meeting, out of 40-50 UPSers there from several different hubs and outlying centers, I was the ONLY part timer there.

    I could have the loudest mouth in the south, but if the majority of the part timers don't show up, get active and vote - the full timers are going to continue running this union. Frankly, I don't blame anyone but ourselves because they're voting, and not us.
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    Mittam all you do is spew lies, the union is screwing the partimers. Put the blame where it should go the full time upsers screwed the part timers, arent you one of those ftimers mittam? Stop lieing to the rank and file even about common knowledge stuff, you apwa suk hole.
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    Your best bet will be to continue your education all the way through. Build up your seniority if you decide to go fulltime. I have been to several proposal meetings and the main topics have been partimer pay rate ( even from ftimers ), pensions, benefits, and technology. This contract we (all upsers) must push to get these ptimers more money! I wouldnt do what these kids do now for $8.50 an hour and im sure most of you agree.
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    PTers take a stand???? Yeah, I can see THIS happening! Take a look at meeting attendance! Oh, sorry, I got a picnic to go to today. I gotta watch the PGA today. Geez, can't they schedule meetings when I can go?