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  1. On the 5 and 10 card, I know you have to memorize the 5's verbatim, is it the same for the 10's as far as word for word on the paragraphs for each one. Example # 5 EIGHT TO TWELVE SECONDS EYE-LEAD TIME
    This is the best way to keep your eyes ahead of your wheels and is the depth at which your eyes should be focused most of the time.

    Do you have to memorize those paragraphs verbatim? Or be able to explain each one and what each of the 10's are?
  2. Billy Ray

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    That would depend on who the examiner is.

    Know what it means, and be able to explain it.
  3. Thanks. Appreciate it.
  4. 3 done 3 to go

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    It took me 20 yrs to learn the. -all good kids like milk. I will never learn that crap word for word. Haven't needed to spew that crap for about 8 months now
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  5. Can't stand milk. But thanks for the comment.
  6. Wally

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    What the heck is the the OP talking about?
  7. 1000RR

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    Here the 5 have to be word by word. The 10 have to be summarized but the bold part must be word for word on the 10. Not sure if it is the same everywhere
  8. 5's and 10's card for drivers
  9. Cool thanks.
  10. Cementups

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    I don't know them and don't plan on learning them. Sorry.
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  11. No worries already figured em out. Thanks.
  12. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    You sir are not a team player !!!
    Lol. Lol
  13. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    @ For Pete's sake

    Come to feedahs ,, you only have to memorize where the donut stops are
  14. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

  15. Lol.
  16. it was a reasonable question, I got the answer I was looking for, so get a life and find another feed to post a jack ass remark too.
  17. Then why did u post a useless answer if u don't know? I just feel like talking :censored2: by the way. Being Friday night and all.
  18. Gumby

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    Because you have to learn them, the rest of us don't care.
  19. If you don't care then why are you responding? At least I'm not asking if I can smoke dope can I work at ups like so many I've read on here. Geeze. I was asking a simple question so I can make sure I get it right. I guess this is the adult version of Facebook. Lol. Just trying to make it. Never thought I'd stoop to online forums arguing with people I don't know over simple questions. But ur good.
  20. Gumby

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    Just learn it. It's not that hard.