Questions about quitting.

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  1. I plan on leaving the company by the end of the year. Can anyone explain to me how the process works with unused Vacation/sick time. I'm also considering leaving the 401k plan. I've been with the company for almost a decade and basically have next to nothing to show for it in my 401k. It's almost impossible to contribute when one takes home less than 500 a week working "full time".
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    Unless there is something different with your supplement, when you get you final check you should also receive a second check for any unused/earned vacation/sick time owed to you.
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    If you have $5000 or more in your 401k you have the option to leave it with the company plan. If you have less than $5000 in your plan they will force you to take the money out.
  4. Less than 5,000.
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    Make sure ya take your personals before you bail, and congratulations on your impending escape from Hell
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    I just left recently. (If you work for Express opco) You get a check for any unused vacation time you have coming. For example. If you left later this year (2013) you would receive a check for any unused 2013-2014 vacation time you had coming. That is all you get. You do not get paid for unused sick days. You do not get paid for unused personals or floaters. As far as the 401k goes you can definitely withdraw the full balance but you will have to pay penalties. I am actually calling Vanguard this week to see what my options are with my 401k balance. Good Luck to you
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    Call Vanguard and tell them you want to open an empty IRA. Then after you leave FedEx you can do a trust to trust transfer.No taxes no penalties!

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    If you live in CA you get your personals and floaters.
  9. Thanks. I haven't left yet but I've Defintlely got one foot out the door and permission from the wife to jump ship when the time is right. I'm sick of being miserable here. I started at FedEx with the intentions of making it a career. That is clearly never going to happen at this point and I'm over it. It's time to move on and do something I enjoy or atleast move into a career field that I can support my family with.
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    you guys are with express. I am a contractor with HD and selling (actually being forced to sell ) and GTHO. There are no benefits and as a contractor I probably take home little more than the OP each week... I will say that there are some of the most horrible people I ever worked with which I soon learned after making the investment that you always have to look over your shoulder that someone will look to yank it away from you.. The generic anti depressants & anti anxiety medications (all doctor presribed) have helped me keep my sanity when people are constantly watching to see you fail
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    tell me, how do you make it a 'career' at FedEx unless you are working in corporate at the mgmt level. I mean, I could never ever put this on my Resume
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    I've got a question that bbsam isn't going to like. In your opinion, were you really an "independent contractor" or "business partner" at FedEx, or an employee in-disguise? Obviously, you're leaving in an unhappy state, and I wish you well, but I'd really like to know what you think.
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    Unhappy state? that would be an understatement. Business partner? yeah right.... the others you mentioned? I don't think so.. I will say it again you are (at least in the terminal I worked out of and in many other terminals in the region) really (now that I think about it) an independent contractor that is at the mercy of FedEx. BBSAM doesn't like when I say this but senior & P&D mgmt can either terminate or not renew your contract for any substantive reason with only 30 days of advance notice. If your drivers mess up or mess up scans then you better start looking to sell your routes. At least with as a regular employee or even temp you are not out hundreds of thousands of dollars even if you are scrutinized to such an extent that they are creating a paper trail because someone "doesn't like you".....
  14. I was naive when I started. Everyone else at my station that had been there for 10 years at the time I got hired were well on their way to being close to top out. It isn't like that here anymore. I'm almost 10 years in and not making much more than the new hires. I went along for years thinking things would get better pay wise. It's clear now that it isn't going to happen.
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    I don't mind the question at all. My experience has been radically different than Nicks. I'm sure he doesn't like my answer.
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    But you will make money off the sale, correct?
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    Either my drivers are perfect and never have disputed deliveries or miss scans or pickup windows or complaints or you are simply wrong, confused, or intimidated.
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    Not like that around here( I know some buildings are ran that way) my drivers mistakes and never once have I been threatened with my contracts. My company and I have won a few awards over the years and I've made a couple bad business decisions and never once been threatened to have my contract pulled up. It takes a lot to pull a contract it's not something that is done by a manager in a few weeks
  19. As a driver, I have made several mistakes (missed scans/blue sheet, early pkup, small damage of personal property). My employer still has their contract with FDX. Hmmm...
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    Don't say anything not against Ground or Nick will think you are attacking him. Of course he's going to be up $50 grand when he sells...unless he decided to stay. He's been talking about the sale for a while now.