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    Hey all, not sure if this topic has been covered here or not in detail, but I wanted to give former employees a chance to say specifically why they left (or would leave) FedEx. I was an Express courier for three years. Here's my top reasons:

    1. Pay - Time to progress to top pay (seems like at least 10 years for most). Starting pay was $14.11 in my market and top out was $21.54 when I left. Assuming you got a perfect score on your review to get the top raise of 6%, this would take you about 7.5 years (14.11x1.06x1.06 etc.). But I don't know anyone that ever got a perfect review. Furthermore, when you consider inflation over the years, those increases really don't amount to much.

    2. 4/10 work week - Limited overtime opportunities. At 45 hours per week, even at top pay this only amounts to $53,203.80. Not bad money until you consider that's the max you will ever make in your career and that the Brown guys make at least 50% more once at top pay. And what a shaft if you're a veteran employee who was there before the 4/10s.

    3. Micromanagement - Start work code. Stretch and flex code. Sort code. Fine sort code. Vehicle inspection code. Leave building code. Begin break code (no scans on your break!). End break code. Return to building code. Vehicle re-inspection code. Sort code. Checkout code. End work code. Don't forget the 5 extra codes if you have to go to the ramp. Make sure your v31s, v41s, and PODs are 100%. Turn in your mandatory FK leads. Your monthly ride-along is tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget to watch Frontline!!

    4. Image - Low wages lead to high turnover. This coupled with wheel swings keeps drivers from establishing the same rapport with customers as UPS drivers. Your Ground packages? Oh yeah, they're on another truck.

    5. Big brother - All Couriers at our station were required to get fingerprinted because of some FAA regulation (so they told us). Didn't I get a background check when I was hired?

    6. Performance incentives - Purple Promise Payout? What a joke. FK leads? C'mon!! Back to station early? P1 belt needs help loading cans.

    7. Limited growth opportunities - Management or.......sales? No thanks.

    Bottom line, there are definitely worse jobs, but if you want to make package delivery your career, FedEx (Ground or Express) is not the place.
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    You more or less covered it.

    I did over 5 years and did it all in that time. I was part-time, full-time (just for a month or so as a favor), Dangerous Goods Specialist, International Auditor, Bert Tech, Genesis Operator, part-time SALS, PM Lead/Aspire....

    Did all that at the same time and didn't get paid 1 cent more. What a company lol

    It's not a place to make a career out of, no matter how you cut it.

    Funny, just today I saw another fellow ex-employee from my old station. Like me, he is very happy not working for the Purple Monster anymore.

    Life is HEAVEN not working for Fedex. :happy-very:
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    What's a Bert Tech? Do they have an Ernie Tech ?? :wink2:
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    Yes they do actually! A Bert Tech is a technician who is required to wear a Bert costume while working at the station. I looked pretty cool I tell ya! LOL

    A BERT (Basic Electrical Radio Team....if I remember right) Tech is the person who worked on the DADS and it's connected counter parts (radio, antenna, etc...)

    Remember when the screen went all green? Or when you would keep getting booted off by another signed on route? Etc?
    So, as the Bert Tech, I fixed the problem when I could. When it was a deeper problem within the system, I sent them off to be fixed.

    I wonder what all those people who fixed them are doing for work now that the DADS system is a thing of the past??
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    Another THANKLESS position btw.


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    Can't tell you how much I hated that message!! And sometimes when it would reboot and be stuck in that DOS looking screen... ::sigh::
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    Who fixes the PowerPads when they break, lock-up, or just sit there, since there's no such thing as a BERT anymore? Most people aren't too fond of the "Brick", especially since they are going to start using the GPS feature, which will allow management to always know exactly where you are. Fred is always watching you...DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!
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    LOL :happy-very:
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    At our station, we had someone who, like me as a Bert, fixed them if possible. If not, same thing: it's sent out for repairs. They had asked me if I wanted to learn. I said I already lesson that is. NO THANKS but thanks for asking LOL

    Now you know they always have your best interests in mind. Sure, they want to know where you are, but as a mother/father figure. Fred and the rest of the big cats love you. You must know that. Don't take the whole we-know-exactly-where-you-will-be-at-all-times thing bother you. Again, it's for your own good.

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    That's right, Fred "loves"me...ha-ha. Kind of like the people on this site "love" us being here. It's kind of amazing that they don't think they're in the same boat with us when it comes to being treated like cattle without brains.
    Speaking of Fred, he's kind of come out of hiding lately and is being prominently featured in a lot of "come to Jesus" propaganda on Frontline. What's funny is that he actually polarizes people to go the other way because everybody loathes the guy these days. He's pretty much gone from hero to zero with most employees.
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    So, either they're sadly unintelligent or in serious denial. I know in tieguy aka cryguy's case it's not because he is in denial. That means he is....
    Just felt like throwing that in as I just saw who kept leaving me the "bad rep" feedbacks from a few weeks ago. Thus, proving the name I have given him.