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    Hello everyone, i was wondering about the regtemp driver position and how consistant /stable this job can be or become. I am currently employed by a company that provides me with 40 hours every week and benefits, but the pay is not great ($14.50 an hour). At this point i have passed my UPS inital "road test" and now have to go for my DOT and then my pre-course. Is this a position i can pay my bills with? Or am i going to be working 35 hours one week, then off all through the next week? And if they dont give me enough hours as a "reg-temp" can i atleast work warehouse to gain additional income??? I am willing to put in the time as long as i dont lose my car due to missed payments.(resulting from not enough hours.)Thanks in advance
  2. It's feast or famine..
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    So its basically a complete gamble? Regardless of my performance?
  4. Performance will let you qualify for the job. Whether you work or not is based on seniority.
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