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    I worked for UPS in the summer as a package handler and boy was it tough. I don't need to tell you guys how it is as most of you have done what I've done in the summer. What I want to ask you guys is, should I put UPS and my title as Package Handler on my 'professional resume'?

    If you guys say yes, what should I include as the job description?

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    By all means, put it on your resume. This will show that you value hard work.

    There should be a description of the position on the website.
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    Thank you!
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    I'd put it on your resume, I'd also make sure to point out that it was seasonal work so future employer doesnt think you couldn't handle it.
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    Seasonal Logistics Commerce Distributor for the Southeast Region.
    Job included insuring knowledge of all areas under the southeast region and providing customer service to those areas daily. Ensuring logistical support for the frontline men in the field, making internal problem solving decisions daily. Working as a team to ensure logistical opportunities that arise are not seen by the final destination customer to ensure a positive revenue turnaround and repeat business

    Sounds much better then "I massaged cardboard for 3 months"
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    I spent quite some time trying to figure out what to write on my resume! Thanks a lot man, I'm going to think of a few more to write down.
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    Should I include my title as a Package Handler or should I include another title?
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