Rumor on South Florida hub closing?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Nimnim, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Nimnim

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    So has anyone else heard the rumor about the south Florida hub, believe it's Hialeah, closing sometime around the start of next year? The rumor's been circulating at my hub for a couple weeks now since it directly effects us, my shift especially since we'd most likely be moving to a Sun-Thurs schedule for it.

    I feel more inclined to believe this is true, because it's not only been coming from the feedervine, but also from various areas of management, which usually doesn't happen here.
  2. mike1646

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    I don't think that's true, the hialeah building is one of the heaviest in south Florida with well over 200 drivers, some management positions were moved to Orlando since the divisions got bigger
  3. Nimnim

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    I don't see them completely getting rid of it, but they'd probably get reduced to a preload/reload center since apparently Orlando already builds all the loads they do now. Either way, we probably wouldn't know anything for sure until after peak. It'd be nuts to close/reduce a hub right before or during peak.
  4. 68 mustang

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    From what I understand...the midnight sort is supposed to shut down, not the entire Hialeah bld. Also, this is something that would prob. take a period of time. Gradually (sp) phasing out the sort, I'm sure it won't be a quick thing
  5. MobileBA

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    Yeah it's closing, the stops are going to be dispatched out of Oregon so Soberups can get his penalty pay for working over 9.5!
  6. air_dr

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    I sense UPS has eliminated night or even twilight sorts at quite a few hubs, all in an effort to save money, of course. But I really wonder: Is it helping the bottom line? I am thinking of especially of the twilight sorts. Hubs that are reduced to a preload/reload operation still have a fair amount of employees and activity going on during twilight. Its not like the lights can be turned out and the doors locked.

    Now the work coming in on the feeders needs to be done somewhere. Wouldn't it almost always be most cost effective to do it at the nearest open center that has available capacity? With the changes that have been made, the feeders are traveling further. That may require them to leave the originating businesses earlier, a possible inconvienience to major customers, and it certainly keeps drivers on the road longer, costing extra fuel, time, and ultimately money.
  7. stevetheupsguy

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    I haven't heard anything in our bldg. Our center just went from South Florida to Central Florida mgmt. We are now part of Orlando, etc..., though I'm sure my mgmt team keeps an ear to the ground on this sort of stuff. Or maybe they don't. I asked an on-road sup about telematics and he looked at me as though I was speaking a foreing language, ERRR? This is the look, I kid you not.

  8. dilligaf

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    That is a great pic Stephen. I love it. HUH?!?!?! :rofl::rofl: