Sales Leads: What's the Point?

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    What's the point in turning in sales leads if the sales rep isn't following up on them? Management is really pressing us to submit more but we all agree that our sales rep isn't doing his job. FedEx gobbled up most of the DHL volume here. It's not that any of them weren't interested in going with UPS. The problem is that in most cases the only contact with UPS any of them had was when the drivers initiated the leads. Most were never contacted and the few that were could never get in touch with the rep again afterwards. Emails were never answered and phone calls were not returned.

    I've approached our rep several times about two of the leads I've submitted. One of them was using DHL and told me that the company on the receiving end of the pickup were the ones that decided which carrier made the pickup and that he couldn't follow up on the lead because " He'd get in trouble because he'd be stepping on the toes of the sales lead on the receiving end." This is BS! The goal is to acquire volume for UPS. Personal goals and territorial red tap shouldn't be a factor. Well, now FedEx is making the pickup. The other lead uses several carriers to pickup up several different products and after four months they still haven't heard from our rep yet. He claims that when he goes there the doctor is always with a patient or they are closed. Fed Ex now picks up some of the packages. We still make pickups too so at least it's not a complete loss.

    I've heard stories like mine from a bunch of other drivers in our center. And management wonders why our leads have all but dwindled lately.
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    UPS seems to staff the BD department much like the Operations area, not enough people. The only department fully staffed is IE.

    UPS customers that also use FedEx will soon be handed a warning letter for stealing revenue. I probably shouldn’t have said that, some division manager will give it a shot.
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    I can empathize with you and it sounds like you've had a series of bad experiences because somebody has not followed through. From the sounds of it you are like most drivers, hounded by your manager to submit leads because it's part of his/her elements to grow the business.

    Have you spoken with them regarding the inaction? It would be a good idea to have specific lead numbers. He would then in turn be in contact with either the Area Sales Manager or Sales Support Supervisor (Not sure if it's an SSR that you're referencing) to ask why these aren't being followed up on. Your center manager needs producing leads more than you need the money on your AMEX.

    The first part is a valid reason, the packages are consignee routed, but the later part as you've pointed out is garbage. He should have at least found out who the sales person was on the consignee end and let them know what was going on. If nothing else, submitted a sales lead with your name on it for the receiver.

    Very True, but sadly it does happen sometimes.

    I can't excuse the behavior, but the leads do need to keep coming. I've seen instances where people in BD have been fired in part over their lack of follow-up with these leads. It unfortunately takes time, but in the meantime, you are doing the right thing and looking in all the right places. Keep it up.

    If you are giving the leads to an SSR, have you spoke with the AE about them and vise versa? If you are having problems with BD in your district, trying putting in the notes to send to one of our Inside Sales divisions and keep looking on UPSers to see if those leads are handled any differently.

    I would definitely engage your center manager and let them know, as this is their fight too.
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    Brown Suit.... it takes time???? That excuse would never fly if a production worker handed it to you. The sales people I've met couldn't sell solar heat to eskimoes. We always hear some excuse or, worse yet, our sales staff is handcuffed because they can't negotiate a deal without checking with their superiors. I (like many drivers) see more and more fed ex ground packages being delivered. Customers complain about our 800 number people. They NEVER
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    Sorry.. I lost half my post. They (our customers) NEVER see an "account executive." If I were in sales, I think I'd be on the car with a driver during pick ups once in a while just to answer questions and keep the business we already have. Oh, by the way, I would actually have answers for the questions. Our sales force is out of touch (I never see any of them) uninformed (can any of them make a decision without checking with someone else) and never follow up when we submit leads (if they actually contact the prospective customer at all) No wonder we're losing market share.
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    The it takes time is in response to BD being fired in part over lack of follow-up on sales leads. Just as it takes time for a driver involved in accidents or consistently under SPORH to be fired.

    I honestly don't buy the excuses, they have the power to make deals.

    What size are the customers that are stating they never see anybody from BD?

    They should be on-car once a quarter at least, if nothing else looking for leads.

    I'm lost by the uninformed, do you mean, you never see them informed? I'm trying to take it in context. As mentioned previously they should know what's going on and are empowered to make decisions without their Sales Manager.
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    I've never seen sales people on area, looking for business. I have seen them on area, when customers were wondering why they were overcharged for shipping. I believe if you let the sales force get out there and empower them to make decisions, we be getting a lot more business.

    As for me, I ain't no salesperson, though I put my best foot forward in satifying my customers needs, which in turn keeps them loyal to UPS. If I wanted to be a salesperson, I'd of made that choice years ago.
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    I turned in a slaes lead for a dhl customer in november, i checked the lead today and the next scheduled date to contact is feburary 20th from the original contact date.

    Here it is with the names taken out.

    Control Number: ******** Activity: Update Lead - Set Expected Producing DateDate: 12/25/2008 12:58:43 AMWorked on By: Next Contact Date: 02/20/2009 Activity: Update Lead - Set Expected Producing DateDate: 12/13/2008 9:18:29 AMWorked on By: Next Contact Date: 01/30/2009 Activity: Assignment made - Assigned Person ChangedDate: 12/10/2008 4:45:05 PMWorked on By: Assigned Person: Business Unit: METRO CHICAGO (02/47) Activity: Phone call - field visit requiredDate: 12/09/2008 1:23:34 PMContacted By: Comments: 5. 122pm. Left final message. Sending to the fieldfor better chance of contacting customer. Activity: Phone call - left messageContact Name: Contact Title: OwnerContact Phone: Date: 12/05/2008 11:26:50 AMContacted By: Next Contact Date: 12/09/2008Comments: 4. 1126am. Left message. Will call back 12/9
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    The Set expected producing date would be the date that they expect to be able to mark the sales lead sold. It's not perfect, but . . .

    It looks like they left a couple of messages for the customer, did you ask them if they had heard from anybody at UPS? Chances are there are messages on their answering machine asking for a call back. At that point they would likely be able to talk about setting them up to ship with us including rates, pickup times, equipment, etc.
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    I think that our sales lead program is Joke!!! I have put in way to many leads and when I check up on them they all say lead close left messages.

    When I talk to the customer they say no one ever called or left a message. I only got one lead sold and that is because I talked to my center manager everyday and the sales rep everytime I saw him. It took almost a month to get someone out there and we finally got the account. That as a driver is way to much.

    Freight accounts are even worst to get taking care of. It make us (the drivers) look like idiots when we go back to the customer and no one has talked to them.

    My sup told me I needed to get new leads for the year I laughed, and told her there was no point.
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    Ups has really dropped the ball with this DHL thing. I know fed Ex sales people have been advertising everywhere. Sending emails to people whos business they want. I even got one.

    Now they want me to do the job of their sales department. What a joke. Do i get pro-rated sales pay? I didn't think so. So ill let the sales people do their own job since i wont get a thing for it besides a warning letter and a threat of being fired.

    This is what most of us in aircraft maintenance feel. Maybe if we were treated a little better i might be willing to help them " grow the business".

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    It's always been a catch-22 with management. You're stealing time if you stand their and try to sell UPS for 5 -10 minutes.
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    Brownsuit, I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was auditioning for a sales job. (Kidding) Most drivers simply don't see our account execs out in the field. Nor do I ever hear "The UPS account guy was in today." I have been driving for 15 plus years and been on the same route (with 20 pick ups) for the last 5 and I have NEVER encountered an "account executive" on my route. I am merely a truck driver, but it seems to me if we want more business we should be out getting it. I also think if some of these account people spent time in our areas , maybe, just maybe, drivers would feel like finding leads would be worthwhile. I hope your suit is big enough that you an help revamp our sales force and make them as efficient as the rest of our operation. I mean this sincerely. Best of luck llg
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    As Big_Arrow_up said "What's the point in turning in sales leads if the sales rep isn't following up on them?"

    Why should the drivers that have been sent out with a 10-11 hour day that UPS expects to have done in less than 9.5 hours have to worry about following up with leads that have been turned in?
    Of course (in our center) if we don't follow up on them they will never get done. I can barely finish all my business stops before they close and that's taking most of my meal time after 17:00. We may have reached the limit as to how much blood one can extract from a rock.
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    UPS did drop the ball on DHL volume. UPS was given a fairly long lead time that they were leaving the market and did not have the manpower to service the accounts.

    On my route, the sales person has 2 days per month that she can see accounts in my area. If they cannot work an appointment into those 2 days, it sits for another month.

    Compare that with when DHL came to the area. They put 2 guys into a DHL van and spent 2 weeks saturating the area. They visited my pick up accounts 2-3 times a week until they were told to go away or they did get the business.

    I picked up 3 accounts on route. All 3 use ARS NDA labpaks. All 3 have the choice of FedEx or UPS. All three are using UPS because of the service I provide. I turned in leads before the volume turned up, but will not get one point because they are ARS packages.

    Not that the points matter anyways. I lost my wallet last spring and have asked for a replacement rewards card 3x, but nothing.

    I keep trying to do my part, but my enthusiasm is waning.....

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    Last year, one of our OMS's took it upon herself, (I'm assuming this point, as I don't know all the facts), to submit leads for all the drivers in our center. Many of those leads came to fruition, and thanks to her, we all received company watches for a job well done, in submitting leads. Not saying that none of the drivers submitted leads, just saying that even those that didn't, did.

    This should be a model to follow, as some of my customers barely get a glimpse of me, as a brown blur, and after 4 years on the same route, are only now asking me my name. Guess it took them this long to figure out, that I would be around for awhile.
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    They barely get a glimpse of you, except for the ones taking your picture.
  18. stevetheupsguy

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    Thank God for high speed photography and digital camera's.
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    suit, I believe EVERYONE should be out riding with drivers INCLUDING on road and center managers, looking for volume, sometimes a different person approaching the customer rather than the driver or rep can be a good thing. I think many on here are just frustrated with the overall attitude of some mgt regarding the leads. If it is such a tight economy, wouldnt a on car sup be better dedicated to riding in business areas checking on the competition than doing observations on drivers...right there it tells many that they really dont care. Its a TEAM effort and theres no excuse for it.
  20. Coldworld

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    This is another problem steve. If you talk to the customer for more than a minute they are accusing you of STEALING bs. Customers do not want to feel rushed and many have to say"call your rep" when a customer has a problem. Why should they give us their business when we cant even give them a minute of our time...anyone in mgt here care to explain that.