Same health care benefits for everyone ?

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    Why aren`t we getting the same health care benifits? I am guessing the same reason pensions aren`t the same. Different areas using different plans. Unlike pensions I would think money is buying health care benifits not investing money like pension plans. So why can`t all the money that our company pays to Teamsters buy everyone the best plan we can get? Look at Art 34 master agreement, doesn`t look like our union has any intent of making this happen. Give me the money I will buy my own insurance. If this contract passes look at how much more money will be going to Teamsters. With all the money being paid for the part timers health care going to the union they can do better for us surely.
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    The way I understand it is... different parts of the country have different costs of living and different standards for what is good. Like my buddy bought a home down south for 60K that would have gone for 250K here in the northeast. Also different locals want to bargain for what is important to their members hence the supplements by area.

    Also our brothers in places like Oklahoma don't really need as good of a dental plan for their tooth. JUST KIDDING! :eek:
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    ​Same for Alabama.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I don't think the U.K. has a need for coverage either.
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    The money doesn't go to the union, it goes to the H&W plan through independent billing. Only member dues go to the union.
    You can't buy a plan with the coverage levels of CS enhanced C-6 independently. The pooling impacts the cost not to mention the non-profit status.
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    A huge part of it is how well your local is run. My local is awesome , therfore I have the best benefits in the nation.
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    While it is great you have the best benifits in the nation, the point I am trying to make is why other Locals aren`t doing the same for their members by purchasing the same insurance benifits you have there. This should be like buying car insurance.
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    The only way this would happen is if the union decided to nationalize our healthcare. Can you imagine the bargaining power they would have when shopping for coverage for 350K members? The only problem would be whether your doctor accepts their insurance or not. This is why health insurance is regional (for now).
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    We were told that 35 years ago UPS came in and proposed offering a healthcare plan better than the Teamsters was providing at the time. We were sold on it but put in maintenance of standards clauses so that we could never get less than what was originally offered, and any improvements would become the standard. The West & N.J. preserved their maintenance of standards clauses while other areas of the country bargained theirs away long ago. Might look at old contracts and see when yours were bargained away and find out who was responsible.
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    BINGO add me to that list...
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    Not all Health insurance companies provided plans for the whole country. Even is they did the cost isn't the same in every market. Everything comes down to cost.

    So you want you want your health insurance premiums determined like they determine your car insurance premium. If you knew anything about car insurance cost and coverage you would now it varies greatly depending on where you live, your driving record, etc.
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    What I am saying is with all the money coming in from UPS for all the employees that had co benifits. They now are going to have union benifits. I think the union could do a better job at providing everybody with better benifits then what they are doing now. Isn`t this a union`s goal and principal objective ? Pooling the money together to buy better benifits sounds like a good idea to me. At least doing this with the plans that are not very good might make improvements possible. I know nothing will be done. Hoffa`s union will have other plans for that money. This contract is more for Hoffa then for for UPS employees in my opinion. Not a big fan of Hoffa and turncoat hall.