Seasonal Drivers-Oregon??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Whaler31, Nov 2, 2006.

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    A bunch of us spent a week down in Portland, Oregon well over a month ago to train, and we have't finished center training or actually worked at our local center yet.

    I talked to some local permanent drivers who are stressing out, working 12 hours and bringing packages back.

    What gives? :confused:1 The center supervisor says: "volume is way down"; "hang in there" (and starve)

    So...why not spread some of the love around, and relieve some of the over-worked regular guys?

    We can't just sit on-call everyday until 11AM for UPS so maybe we get to work one day.

    Heck, we all get :censored2:canned by 12/31/06, anyway.

    This sucks! :crying:

    Do any Teamster regulars know what is really happenning? When the holiday rush hits, when it's dark, 10 degrees out, and there is 2 feet of snow and ice on the ground, they are going to get buried, and have a lot of really unhappy UPS customers who aren't getting their packages delivered.

  2. Its hard to believe but its cheaper for the company to pay them overtime than to hire more drivers...sad but true. I don't think its right either (as any of my drivers will tell you) but its the way of UPS and the business world in general. :bored:

    Oh and no matter what a supe tells you, volume is never down...ever, if guys are going over 9.5 volume is not down
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    But....we are already officially hired, paying union dues, etc.......its just I have only worked about 10 hours (training) in 6 weeks at the center.
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    the same thing happening up here in the north east. one temp driver told the center manager he needed work while waiting to drive and they put him to work on the local sort. ask around, im sure your center will use your hands somewhere there.
  5. sorry I should have said to put more drivers on road. even at our hub cover drivers are sent home when there is defnitely enough work for them...if it were dispatched correctly
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    Putting another car on road is more expensive than paying the existing drivers overtime. It's figured down to the wear on the tires and oil life of the vehicles, as well as wages, benifits, browns.... It's a formula that consists of factors you would never even think of.

    Ask at the center about filling in on sorts when needed. The day will come when you're worth more on the road than not and you'll miss the days you could have dinner with your family. Enjoy them while you can.
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    Here in WI I am in my 2nd week at my center and have only driver on a route 1 time, and did some shuttle driving, the rest of the time I have been doing preload, sort, porter, or whatever they want me to do. I worked 42 hours last week.