Seasonal TractorTrailer Driver positions Fl. (On topic pls.)

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  1. Shutterbug02

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    Hello all...
    I am interested if UPS hires seasonal big truck drivers for the Tampa/Ocala area. I’m only interested in seasonal, also tractor trailer only. I have 24 years experience ( 2 driving jobs last 24 yrs, first 9 yrs, last 15 yrs). Also, clean MVR. No doubles endorsement.
    Thanks for your input,


    To clarify...I live in the Tampa Bay Area, but don’t have an issue driving in state or OTR
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  2. Johney

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    You would have much better luck in Jacksonville. But without Doubles/Triples it's not likely at all.
  3. Shutterbug02

    Shutterbug02 New Member

    I have no problem with Jax, but not likely to get d/t endorsement for seasonal. Just wanting to see what my possibilities are.
    Thanks for the reply
  4. pickup

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    It’s very easy and cheap to take the written dmv test for the endorsement . I admit that it’s a pain in the rear to spend a half a day at the dmv to do it and having a newly updated license printed.

    Of course, if your week long training at UPS included doubles(do they do triples in Florida’?) then you would be expected to do it for the season. That would be a skill set that might take some mental sweating to acquire regardless of your current skill level.

    By the way , where I am at we have plenty of casuals with the double/trip endorsement who can’t pull doubles or trips because it wasn’t part of their week long training.

    That decision not to train them on doubles stems from laziness of the trainer, the needs of the operation, or the fact that the trainee had no previous doubles experience and the decision was made not to train a guy who would be more likely to screw up out in the field on his own.

    That’s my viewpoint from where I work.
  5. Shutterbug02

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    Yea, I do see singles but also a lot of doubles around here. Didn’t know if they expected seasonal guys to pull them as well
  6. RolloTony Brown Town

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    Your local HR could probably answer that question better for you than anyone on this site. Ups always needs seasonals so you’d probably be hired on based on your experience. I know in my hub they’re struggling to fill feeder driver roles and have filled 4 jobs off the street this year. So if you do well and are strong with your equipment handling then who knows how things go.

    Odds are even if you got doubles/triples endorsement the supervisor wouldn’t train you in it due to a lack of experience. I’d apply and ask if it’s an issue. Pass the road test and explain to the supervisor what your strengths are. It’s all about plug and play for peak at this point in the year.
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    No Problem.

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    Nice quote.
  10. barnyard

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    In the time it took you to register and post, you could have gone to UPS jobs, looked and determined your eligibility and applied. None of us know, only HR in that area knows and the only way to find out is to apply.
  11. Foodslinger

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    I was just hired for seasonal and will work with a trainer for a week doing doubles, I do have some limited prior doubles exp.
  12. Johney

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    In the Tampa area?
  13. Foodslinger

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    Detroit Market