Sent home because of a "long break"


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Where I am you can definitely take an extended break or a second break if its hot out, but letting your supe know what's going on seems like common sense, if for nothing else than to cover your ass.

My full-time supervisor is a hard ass and if somebody in my area went AWOL while the dock was :censored2:ed up as the belt stopping "a lot and for long times" would suggest, he would definitely walk you out for stealing time or job abandonment or something.

Op did as soon as he got back. If he was heat fatigued and needing an extra long break is he supposed to interrupt that to go find his sup to ask permission? No.


an absolute *ing disgrace of a human being.
If a 2 and a half hour trailer with lots of belt stops took you out you might be in the wrong line of work. Because that might be the easiest day you're ever gonna have.

If you're a zoomer I'm glad you at least tried to give the line of work a shot. You're not as soft as most.
Was he loading or unloading? I can’t read