Should BCer's give an impression??

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    Hey, I am a former UPSer and have moved on to other things. I have clients from many Companies. I am at a Financial house.
    I have learned that there are Companies monitoring this site and making decisions/determinations based on what they believe is the "pulse of the Driver". This is a direct quote. You have probably seen some strange off the cuff comments from new Posters or old. That is who they are.
    Things suck and they suck everwhere. Just be careful about what you Post..


    Just think first!!!

    FXDWG----Non UP / FDX or any associated entity:happy-very:
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    What? I thought this was not Face Book Or Twitter a place I could be my self.
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    How are you doing tonight you seem tired?
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    What about the "pulse" of non-drivers?
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    Well Tie........

    I am so pleased that you responded.

    "YAWN"???? *** does that mean?
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    Hey, how is this for a tip. If you own stock in Cummins Diesel ( NYSE: CMI ) SELL NOW.

    Cummins has a huge problem brewing with their new "clean idle" diesel class 8 engines. UPS owns hundreds, if not more trucks equip with these new clean idle engines. Each and every one begins to experience serious trouble beginning at the 200k mile mark. There is a flaw/defect with the ceramic particulate filter and the raw fuel purge system. These engines begin to spew smoke and unburned fuel vapors out the exhaust stack while driving at road speeds. Clouds of grayish smoke will billow out the exhaust pipe while the engine is in it's "regeneration" mode. This mode is intended to clean the ceramic particulate filter in the muffler. Dealers have yet to finger the true cause, but it's being discussed and believed to either be a special metal screen that's supposed to convert the raw, unburnt fuel into heat energy or a combination of many factors.

    These engines were rushed into production to meet tighter Clean Air Standards set forth by the brain trust in DC.

    IF you own stock in Cummins, dump it now before the poop hits the fan when this multimillion dollar recall is forced upon Cummins in the near future.
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    Hey.....Only some advice..........
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    If you moved on to work at a "financial House" you should be more worried about your financial house business then what we say on BC becasue last time I chesked you people have destroyed the economy.
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    I don't think I've ever posted anything on here that I would say in public at anytime. I actually want it to be read because I can't get 30 seconds of my on-car sups. time in AM because he has 20 drivers looking for those same 30 seconds.

    The ironic thing is, all of us drivers are wasting their collective time because our supervisor has no real authority. He can make desicions but mostly they are over-ruled by the center manager. For example: "can joe get this split and I get the other one because it makes us both more efficient"?

    The sup. says yes but gets over-ruled by the manager. This is fine, because its ultimately the manager's business, but then what purpose does the supervisor serve? Is it purely to baby-sit drivers? Is it to give full-day space and visibilty rides to the drivers and then three (3) day OJS rides to every driver every year? Is that what UPS is primarily paying them for?

    I state this because the above task takes up a HUGE amount of time of the sups. day and he is doing nothing except sitting in the jump seat and checking out the babes wearing "Daisy Dukes".

    We have three(3) of them in my center. I'm guessing they make 80K/year and I don't know why the company allows this to continue? They cut 3 routes on mondays to save fuel and benefits but lose it all to time and one half to the rest of the drivers.

    Why not cut 2 of the sups. job for the entire year or 9 months of the year. Bring them back in October for peak planning. Seriously, what purpose do they serve? They are not allowed to make any operational desicions so why not cut the jobs?

    They sit there in the jump seat and ramble about dartboards, baseballs, escape routes, and big pictures. The funny thing is they don't know what they are talking about and either does the driver who they are trying to teach!

    My last safety ride the sup. drove to the route and recited everything as fast as he could in an attempt to impress me? He almost sounded like that guy in the commercial who talks a mile a minute. So I'm sitting there and thinking "wow, thats great! What the hell did you say"?

    Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit here, but I think you get the point. Thanks for listening!
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    Also, while I'm on the subject, its forbidden for me to hop in the jump seat for an hour or two and work as a helper with another DIAD and the ability to move the package car during peak making one hell of a helper team but its ok to lead a dead weight making more money than me sit there and do nothing except observe.

    They are not productive in any definition of the word. So when I go out the sup. for 3 days, the route become 1/2 as productive as me alone? Do I have this right?

    Assuming the company is paying us the same amount of $$, then our cost to run that route doubles, right?

    I usually do a good job but will get a comment every now and then that I was 30 minutes paid over. Rarely, but it happens.

    Then, I get the sup with me for three days and if you combine our income, the route will be at least 8 hours paid over every day. Right? Am I missing something here?

    Now, do that to a route every week for 9 months of the year. It adds up!
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    I wonder if anyone from these Companies can help us decipher Rocket's posts.
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    Who's Rocket?
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    Here`s some......Buy low,Sell high.
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    "Re: Should BCer's give an impression?? "

    I'm sorry, I don't do impressions!