SmartPost, so many negative web posting.

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by DontThrowPackages, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. DontThrowPackages

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    I must have been on vacation when our managers sat us down and explained what smartpost is and how it works. It happens now and again, customer hands me a box that doesn't have our barcode on it but they insist its xpress. I tell them to take it to the post offices. So after all these years, I google SPost and man did I see a lot of angry posts. First off, it seems when a package is lost, no one wants to take blame and fix the problem. Xpress says its USPS fault and vice versa. Another complain was tracking. Package would show "out for delivery" but the day ends and no package. The same could happen then next day. Its as if they intentionally holding back that shipment just to penalize the customer for not paying for Overnight services....sound familiar?:wink2: Anyway now I have a better knowledge of how this branch of the company works and Ill feel much comfortable telling customers why I can't take that Spost.
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    The few times I had pickup those up, I'd just run them inside to a post office only to be told its not a USPS label. When I barned, I asked the Mgr and was told to just take them and don't ask questions. What a nice guy.
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    Right, don't ask questions. Sounds like we shouldn't be handling these packages.
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    Smartpost has to be taken to the station by the customer to be processed. We dont pick them up.
  5. STFXG

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    We can pick up some of the smartpost. It depends on which label is being used. Most of the smartpost is handled by contracted linehaul. They have their own sorting facilities. Ground contractors in rural areas haul the smartpost bags to the different post offices. Ground/HD has lost a significant amount of volume to smartpost. It was meant for small packages but a lot of shippers have figured out how cheap it is and as long as it can fit in a post office bag they ship it smartpost.
  6. TUT

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    Hey is sounds like you guys found a new whipping boy. Express and Ground can unite and look down to evil Smart Post! Customers are getting what they pay for, which means they are getting little, since most of the time it is free shipping to them.
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    All I can say about Smartpost is that I wish they'd find a way to get the shipping labels to stay attached to the mailbags. They all too frequently fall off because they won't stick reliably to the canvas.