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    ....I'm seeing a lot of anger but best I can gather from BC and Google News is that they didn't get too specific. Generalities. I'm on lunch so no time to read everything but if there's some plan to make us work long splits or lay off couriers I'm not seeing it. Not saying there's no such plan, but where's the details? Anyone care to lay out any specifics?

    My station was slated to close with rts sent to other stations before I transferred here. Was told that they found that the lease they signed was too expensive to break. But the lease expires soon, in about 2 years I've heard. From what I'm reading they're still looking at closing stations so I expect it will happen here. That they never implemented ROADS here makes me think they're not interested in keeping this large, "unmanned" station open. Close to 30 people and no CSA's, no front counter!

    Alot has been made of Express Saver going away very quickly but sounds like they aren't getting rid of it. Sounds like they're just selling big shippers on the cost savings of Ground, and we're going to see Express volume continue to drop. If Express Saver isn't going away, then obviously we won't be a strictly overnight service, at least not anytime soon. Almost looks like someone has had a lot of fun scaring the crap out of us. Less freight, but rest assured, they'll maximize our productivity. Look for larger rts as they consolidate rts and don't replace people who leave.

    It's not the massacre I expected, but obviously it'll take time to see just how much we're affected. I certainly know OT where I'm at will be minimal.
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    I think you said it well. As a floater I'm not to scared but I do have a plan B just in case poppy smith wants to get dirty and play rough.
  3. I suspect we'll start seeing the changes slowly trickle down now that the meeting is over. I think it'll be a slow, painful reduction of hours and benefits. But that's nothing new.. We've been experiencing that for years.
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    The 23% of savings from "Domestic Express transformation " should scare the crap out of you.
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    We had a meeting about benefits this morning, and I asked a couple of questions of the SM but he claimed to know nothing. I mentioned the 1.7b and he claimed to not hear that yet. After the sort, my manager came to me to ask my opinion, said I always seem to know these things before she does and asked how, I just told her the internet is a great tool.
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    The only specifics towards an Express Operational employee I heard this morning was they are targeting a 3% reduction in payroll costs. That could mean hours, it could mean less pay. I would take it as hours. So if they are to be believed, you should check to see if your budget can handle 3% less.

    As for Saver, your sales team is still selling it, has no word of it going away. Fedex is targeting coastal shippers as that is where 3Day still has a greater meaning.

    As for scaring people... I think you need to do the following... You aren't going to stop it, if you truly think you are at a dead end job, then you should be bettering yourself. If you are ok with the job, I would say you shouldn't really react until whatever "bad" happens if it does. Each paycheck squares you up with your employer. That is how it works. You surrendered hours for money, in this deal you have less responsibilities then an owner of a company would. So you get a bit less stress (usually) that tops out less vs owning.
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    LOL, that is what I tell your sales team. However I tell them, "rumor has it" and put it all out there for them, not believing really anything until it happens on my end. Sometimes they see the connection of dots to what is said here, other times they have no idea what is being talked about. One that ping'd with them is looking into having less then 3 delivery attempts. Your company seems hugely at work on getting better at deliveries/hold and returns.

    Your Sales team is at least fascinated by what I pass back to them, we have some fun with it and then get to business.
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    I agree except that's pretty generic. Did they give clear cut examples or stick to management speak such as "eliminating redundancies?
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    I'm almost 51, the only bettering I want to do is retire. But along those lines, I really bought into everything several months ago when Fred Smith brought up the restructuring plan. I've taken a transfer to be near family, sold my pickup and got a bike, got an apartment down the street from the station, got rid of my satellite dish, have a pay as you go Walmart phone which gives you 30 days or 750 minutes for $25, eat most of my meals in and buy much cheaper work lunches, go to the movies maybe once every 6 weeks instead of every week, do Netflix instead, and read USAToday online instead of buying a couple of papers every day. All in preparation for the big announcement. At least I'm saving money for retirement.
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    There is a pilot program going on currently testing out just two delivery attempts in certain markets
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    Yes, and within 2 weeks and it was stopped at our station. Too many customer complaints because there was no pre-planning on FedEx's part. Since they didn't even bother changing doortags that say "We will make three delivery attempts" it was doomed from the start. Thanks to the wonderful planning by the overpaid engineers, or whatever position was in charge of it!
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    Was in one of those markets. We went back to 3 attempts.
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    Us too. Failed from the start.
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    Our market abandoned the two attempt trial, due it being a complete failure. People aren't going to drive 50 miles to pick up their package, which many areas covered here have to do.
  15. Did it for a few weeks. It was actually pretty nice while it lasted. We were told that it was over a few weeks ago.
  16. I'm starting to assume that we're all in the same district.
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    I believe most of the south and alot of the west were part of the program.
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    People were prepared for all sorts of awfulness and it sounds like they're upset that they didn't get it.

    Some people!
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    By and large it is to be achieved by cutting as much slack time as possible.
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    That's right Dano. Spin-it like it's all OK.