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    I think I found an answer for drivers to get on the clock before thier actual start times.Put it in the board as break,and include it with your actual break allowance so you aren`t stealing time.And if you hurt yourself in the process,I bet they`ll change your start time.
    Heres another idea,take your 10 minute paid break in your truck to get an idea if you can physically do what their asking.Then you can warn them that you`ll be calling for help.
    Or take your whole break if you have no time commits at 9AM...wouldnt that freak them out...
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    In our supplement lunch (1 Hour) is to be taken between the 4th and 6th hour. The 10 minute paid break may be taken anytime. I don't see how an employee could enter a break time period that is before or after their working hours.

    Are you addressing drivers that go in early and load/re-load their cars?