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  1. nicensweet23

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    Hi. I'm new here. I'm a part-timer at Hodgkins. I couldn't attend today's meeting, but I heard of a possible strike tomorrow. I've heard of bits and pieces of the contract and it seems like we're getting screwed. I haven't been at UPS too long and I would like to go to full-time one day. I'd rather go to 22.3 combo jobs instead of package driver. Anyone know anything? Thanks.
  2. Liberty Bear

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    It's hard to imagine anyone striking before the ballots are even returned. Most people seem to be deathly afraid of a strike.
  3. nicensweet23

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    Can anyone shed any light on the contract for the part-timers.
  4. Liberty Bear

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    Well, we get a lousy a very bizarre "split raise." I don't have much time to post right now; I have to leave for work in just a few minutes. But you can find a lot of information by checking out some of the posts in this forum and by visiting
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    Be very wary of recommendations you get here. Do your own research, review posts and make an informed decision.
  6. Liberty Bear

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    Amen. And be very wary of anything the Teamsters tell you, too. Don't make the mistake of thinking they're on our side.
  7. scratch

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    I believe that the possible Strike that you are hearing about involves just Local 705 and maybe 710 over arbitration problems with UPS, this isn't over the new proposed contract. If you get to work and there is a Picket Line set up, then you will know. This new contract looks good to FT people with a lot of years but does stink big time for Part Timers and future new hires.
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    possible strike only involves local 705 there is a post under labor isuues called chicago troubles check there for all information
  9. RockyRogue

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    I think Red posted UPS and Local 705 came to an agreement on the problems that brought this strike threat. Has something changed?? -Rocky
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    They fixed one of the problems but there is still another problem over at Addison.Il . UPS mgt from Atlanta came in to talk today (10-22-07) with our 705 Union officials.
  11. Damok

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    Not to mention other groups and their representatives that come to websites espousing certain views without being upfront about why they post.