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    Why don't you go on the 9.5 list the first time you go over 3 times? Plus you'll still have the target on your back because you'll likely be the only one filing a grievance when violated

    Im not saying it's not a win. I'm saying it's not some huge win that makes up for 70 hour work weeks. I've been on the 9.5 list for years. Deal with the target every day.
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    Time to man up or

    Shut up
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    Right. A win but not a huge win. Definitely better than what we have been dealing with for the last five years.

    I agree with @burrheadd man up or shut up. The contract is invalid if you don’t enforce it. A lot of guys talking but don’t want to take that leap because they are still cutting corners and worried they will get caught.
  4. Whatever BUG. This proposal is a joke and if your considering voting yes, you should change your name to little union bitch
  5. Current 9 5 language blows.