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    ok,, is there a process or guideline that dicipline rolls on... B/C I received a 5 day suspension today for misload.. i mean is that not a little steep... i have only received one warning letter ever,, and that was for putting air in with load... but this guy is on my for some reason,,, but its rare that he gave me 5 days ,, i greived it so we will see what happens but do yall have any feedback.... thanks Alot
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    Tell them you intend to take a nice vacation on your 5 day suspension. They will have you back to work tomorrow once they hear that.
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    Sorry you got suspended. That being said as a driver mis-loads are a big pain in the ass. I often find packages in the wrong sections i.e. 1000's in the 3000's, or something like that. Or I'll find something that, lets say I'm slot # 402, is for 404. Then at the end of the day I have to go and deliver it "on the way in." Just yesterday I found an air buried under one of my bulk stops, and had to go back and deliver it. I wasn't aware that they came down on you guys for mis-loads, but then again what do I know...
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    definately greive it...If you end up with a 5 day suspension the next step is termination.
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    Yea. but do you think that the union will be able to get the 5 dropped down any maybe to 3 or 1.. i just feel like and what if they terminate how powerfull is the union, and is there a way to request being moved to another job title in the preload if the area of work you are providing isnt satisfying to me or the center... b/c i would rather fix the problem by finding another area of work instead of being terminated and rode for misloads... PLEASE help me,, if you are knowledgable of the unon handbook....
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    After you grieve it.Lay low, make sure you don't have any missed pieces through the summer and it will blow over.Don't run from your problem to another area.You will be fine.It happens to veterans sometimes...Just be careful and watch your back for awhile..
  7. They must really want you gone. Is there something else going on here? Are you having problems closing out at the end of the day? Is it excessive misloads?? 5-6 a day for the whole week? Do your loads look like crap? Do you have excessive stackouts?
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    Your not going to get a 5 day suspension for 1 misload. Take a hard look at yourself.
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    I loaded during my first UPS stint. That lasted three weeks. I was having all those problems you asked about above. I literally couldn't wrap my feeder before 10:00 any night (when it was due to depart at 10:10), I had an average of 4-5 misloads a day and my load quality was non-existent. I howled for a transfer and was moved the next day....-Rocky