TCD to Full Time pay decrease

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dillon Sawatzky, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. SD Cleveland

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    I was hired as a Temporary Cover Driver. Drove before during and after peak. About 80 days total, 60 of those during keak. Myself, along with many of my TCD peers were recently moved to "Full Time" which is deceiving because we may only get 25 hrs per week. My pay went down from $29.68 to $18.75. HR said it was because of the number of days I drove. Best buddy drove exact or near exact number of days. Maybe even less. He drove in a rental truck all peak. He and a lot of others kept their $29.68 per hour. What happened? Getting a lot of run around on the issue. Any way to dispute it?
  2. Box Ox

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    He and the others ever do any TCDing outside of the holiday period? Might have had enough days in to red circle. If you think your holiday period days should have counted toward qualifying, ask your center or hub manager to submit a pay inquiry.
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  3. SD Cleveland

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    OK thank you. I hadn't heard of that option.
  4. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    File and see if it sticks.
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  5. Rick Ross

    Rick Ross I'm into distribution!!

    You must not have qualified before going full-time. I would fight it hard...That's a lot of cash to leave on the table.
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  6. Faceplanted

    Faceplanted Well-Known Member

    If you qualified you should be red circled at the tcd rate being full time. Hr at my hub tried to pull this on a driver, he filed and ended up getting his proper pay rate and a huge backpay check.

    File and see where the chips fall.
  7. Two Tokes

    Two Tokes Give it to me Baby

    In our area you can not count qualifying days during Nov and Dec. Be happy you made fulltime so fast others have had to be temp cover drivers mult years. That full-time progression for you is going to suck. I would file to see if you were hired to be a tcd because then you could have a higher rate of pay while you are progressing
  8. SD Cleveland

    SD Cleveland New Member

    Yea I was hired to be TCD I actually have the hitting terms in a written document that I had requested on behalf of my bank at the time. Maybe that will help.
  9. SD Cleveland

    SD Cleveland New Member

    By filing you guys are talking about filling a grievance through the union correct?
  10. Rick Ross

    Rick Ross I'm into distribution!!


    Might want to give your buddies a heads up that you are pursuing this. If you use them as examples of why you should get the TCD pay the company will probably use you as an example of why they shouldn't have the pay.

    It should be simple work for someone to count up the days.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Single digit midget!

    At the very least you need to have a sit down with your BA to discuss your situation and to see if you indeed do have basis for a grievance.
  12. UnionProud

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    HR screws this up all the time in our district!
    99% Chance you should retain your TCD pay rate so File a grievance so Your BA can look into this. I settled these all the time and most of the time the company was wrong. If you try to work this out yourself you will get the run around to the point you give up.Big Brown counts on the employee who gives up and gives in.
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  13. blee

    blee New Member

    I have been reading and I cannot locate an clear answer. Hoping someone can help. I was a TCD and went full time, do I have to restart my packet once going full time? I think they are trying to say I did not finsih my packet as my pay rate also dropped when I went full time. I appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you.
  14. AlliSeeisBrown

    AlliSeeisBrown Active Member

    I'm speaking for myself and where my local is, but I was in a similar situation. RTD to Full Time. We don't have a free period in our local. Just have to qualify for 30 working days to get red circled at your rate or to simply qualify. I was making $24.22 as an RTD, then got brought down to $18.75. I was told I qualified (by management). I went back through my pay advice's, counted the days I worked as an RTD. Exactly 30. Got with the BA, filed, got a monster 5 month back pay check. Yes, I let this crap go on for 5 months. Read your contract/supplement about your free period and count how many days you worked as TCD.
  15. blee

    blee New Member

    Thank you! I will start there. I think I did work at least 30 days. Regardless though, should I have not have to restart packet when going full time? As full time I am only driving like 1-2 days a week. Also another thing is my full time hire date on seniority list in end of September, however I didn't drop to full time pay until end of October when looking at checks.
  16. AlliSeeisBrown

    AlliSeeisBrown Active Member

    Good questions for your management team. If you in fact qualified as a TCD, you should not have to qualify/restart the packet when you go full time. However, I'd make damn sure that you have a case with the BA. If your seniority date for FT is Sept. but you didn't drop until Oct., if you're wrong in this case and brought it up to management, they may see fit to correct your pay for that month. Which would suck.
  17. blee

    blee New Member

  18. blee

    blee New Member

    That's exactly what I am worried about. I think they are saying I didn't finish my packet before I went full time. I cannot seem to get an answer from anyone. I don't like the possibility of leaving money on the table but I am willing to let that go. However I'm not okay with them potentially saying I'm not out of my packet. Thanksgiving I got paid 8 hours for holiday pay but Christmas I got paid 4 hours and new year's day only 4 hours also. My supervisor stated I was not eligible for the full 8 hours because I have not reached seniority. Confused because I got 9 hours for Thanksgiving. Does that make any sense in your opinion?
  19. DOK

    DOK Well-Known Member

    How are you at $29.68 per hour after only driving 80 days?
  20. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    TCDs are paid, I believe, at 80% of full time top out wages and stay there until their progression catches up.